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Kodachadri – a paradise on earth

Higher and still higher the road to Kodchadri rises through a landscape scorched by an uncharacteristically early onslaught of summer. Nature has blessed it with plenty green forest and meadows and cluster of rare trees. Kodchadri is a land of incredible natural beauty and medicinal plants. It is delight to trek this hill situated in Sahyadri region. An ecological hotspot, it still beckons those who are looking for off-beat trails. And as you climb up there, open up your senses and gear up to rediscover the Blue Mountains. A day time is the ideal to start trekking and the trodden path begins on the plane lands slowly leading to the vague path of ups and downs in the midst of tall wild trees. While climbing the thick white clouds embraces you gently refresh the trekker to continue the journey. Going up and up you will see the clouds below your destination seems like a snow white cotton spread on the mountains.

Kodachadri is one of the rarest pinnacles in the Western Ghats which starts from Gujarat and ends in Kerala. It contains variety and rare animals and plants. It is at the height of 1343 meters from the sea level and 610 meters from the base. Kodachadri spreads in Hosanagar taluk in Shimoga district and Kundapur taluk in Udupi district. Kodachadri is considered as the Kashmir of Karnataka with evergreen forests, steep valleys, beautiful lawns and waterfalls. A trekker requires courage and a mind to enjoy the natural beauty of this paradise on earth. It stands at the fringes of the land facing the Arabian Sea. Trekking gives memorable experience. There are five ways to approach the evergreen mountain. One from Sampekatte near to Hosanagar. From Sampekatte one has to reach the top of Kodachadri either by trekking or in a hired jeep available here. But trekking gives rich and memorable experience. From Sampekette there…...

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