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Chris Corman
Kohl’s an Innovative Company

I have worked for Kohl’s over eight years now. And I have never seen or heard of a company that is as environmentally friendly and dedicated to giving back to the community around as Kohl’s is. Through their associate volunteer programs, Kohl’s cares for kids merchandise items, and their go green initiative Kohl’s to me is by far exceeding the average “company standards” on being innovative. Kohl’s cares mission statement “We believe in giving back to the communities we serve, not just with money and resources but also with talent and time. Through our community giving and volunteer program, we support kids' health and education, environmental initiatives nationwide and women's health in Wisconsin, specifically the fight against breast cancer. We envision a future where kids are healthy and resources are plentiful, because the way we see it, giving back also means looking ahead. Since 2001 Kohl’s has been a part of 172,000 volunteer events. While donating over $97 million to charities. In all of those events over 1 million associates have volunteered over 3.2 million hours. Those charity events must meet certain criteria. A minimum of five Kohl's Associates from one Kohl’s location must volunteer for a minimum of three consecutive hours in one day. The activity must benefit a qualifying youth-serving organization, for children ages birth to 18 years of age, 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations (or Wisconsin-based 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations that focuses on breast cancer). Funds must be used to directly support youth, age’s birth to 18 years, community-wide (or breast cancer initiatives for women in the larger Wisconsin community) as classified by the IRS. Kohl's is committed to protecting and conserving the environment by seeking innovative solutions that encourage long-term sustainability. From large-scale…...

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...Kohl opened his first store in southeastern Milwaukee, it was a grocery store called Kohl’s Food Store. Mister Kohl was very successful but was not content selling groceries, so he kept adding to his inventory. In 1962 Maxwell Kohl opened his first department store in Brookfield, Wisconsin. Today Kohl’s Department store has 1,158 stores in 49 states. Kevin Mansell, current Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) states in the Kohl’s new associate hand book that Kohl’s builds their great company around the associates. Associates bring their talents, skill and leadership to build the foundation of the company. Kohl’s accomplishes this with a clear core value, teamwork and consistent focus on the costumer. “Expect great things; every customer, every store, every time” is Kohl’s focused goal. Kohl’s mission statement is; To be the leading family-focused, value-oriented, specialty department store offering quality exclusive and national brand merchandise to the customer in an environment that is convenient, friendly and exciting. (Associate Handbook, pg.2) Kohl’s core value is based on the word Values: V – Very result oriented A – Acts with integrity L – Leverages teams and partnerships U – Uses an informed approach E – Engaged, prepared and focused S – Strives to develop self and others The six core values are the heart of each associate and are the DNA of Kohl’s. Kohl’s favors a duty-based ethical system for their associates. The ethical responsibility......

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