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Mr. Davis is eligible for COBRA coverage. The Consolidated Omnibus Budget Recovery Act (COBRA) was passed by congress in 1986. This act allows former employees, their spouses, and their dependent children who were previously covered under their employers group health insurance plan to temporarily continue coverage after their employment has ended. To meet qualifications for continued coverage the employer must have had at least 20 employees, and the employee cannot loose their job as a result of gross misconduct. The type of qualifying event, or the reason the employee lost their job will determine how long COBRA coverage can be continued. Mr. Davis's employers have 30 days to notify their health plan administrators of his termination and he should receive an election notice no later than 14 days after the health plan administrators have been notified. Mr. Davis will then have 60 days to decide whether or not to elect coverage. If Mr. Davis chooses to elect COBRA coverage he then has 45 days to pay the initial premium. The premiums for COBRA coverage can be substantially more expensive than what the former employee was paying under their group health insurance while employed depending on how much of the premium the former employees employer was paying. I would encourage Mr.Davis to "shop around" for individual health insurance coverage and to contact the Department's Employee Benefits Security Administration to see if he may qualify for COBRA premium reduction. If Mr. Davis has been deemed disabled due to his illness he may qualify for Medicaid.

The biggest challenge states and local governments are facing in providing care for patients like Mr. Davis who have long term, chronic illnesses and require care is funding that care. States and local governments are currently facing huge economic challenges in relation to healthcare funding. As the…...

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