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Kudler Fine Foods has been a successful organization due to many factors including hard work, dedication, and inventory control. As of now there are three locations with each location having their own inventory. Through hard work expansion of the organization was bound to happened, but also created the need to identify strengths and weakness of the current system, and determine if a more efficient method would be better.
Kudler Fine Foods inventory is the backbone of the organization. A lot of cash is tied up in Kudler’s inventory making this a top priority to improve. Kudler needs a standardized ordering system to keep track of their inventory. As of now they are using a computerized ordering system, what they need is a system that will help them keep track of their inventory as it is sold or purchased. Kudler also needs an accounting system that will help them with payroll, accounts payable, and sales. A network that will connect sales, accounts payable, payroll, and inventory all together. Having a system that will connect all departments will allow for a more accurate financial statement. This will also allow for the managers to see expenses with each department, and see which item is being sold more.
Another opportunity that Kudler needs is a system that would allow authorized personnel to enter all three stores from any location. Kudler would benefit from a network that linked managers together in order from them to view and enter data from any location. From an accounting perspective the inventory data table Kudler Fine Foods uses does not provide enough information. It does seem that the data table is easy to use and understand, but it is lacking in many areas. The data table does not give enough information as to how much the stores are spending on a department. A well-organized pivot table will allow more information to be presented; it…...

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