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Kudler’s Strategic Planning

Executive Summary Kudler Fine Food is a western United States based company, which is situated in San Diego metropolitan area. It furnishes quality food products at the reasonable price and also texture option of the best food product to their customers. In the year 1998, it started its functions to serve ever-growing consumers demand. The company has three stores with different departments. Its vision is to arouse its profit earning ability through capturing large market share.
The company was valued for its employee fairness and high customer services.
In comparison to the other competitors, the financial strength of Kudler is quite good as reflected in the forecasted Income statement and Balance sheet. The forecasted financials of the company pondered that its net revenues is showing tremendous growth. While analyzing this company, the environmental scan was necessarily researched to better realize the current critical situation of the company. This scanning shows internal (strength & Weakness) and external environment (Opportunities & threats), which reflects that despite of the number of threats faced by the company, Kudler efficiently asserts a comparatively strong position in the global marketplace through maintaining its apparent growth.
Company’s Background

In San Diego metropolitan area, Kudler Fine Foods is an incredibly renowned trendy specialty food store that was opened in the year 1998 by Kathy Kudler. The company was based at distinct California locations to serve the ever-growing consumer’s demand with high quality products at reasonable prices. It has about three stores, which was located in La Jolla, Del Mar and Encinitas. All of its three stores are equipped with the very good quality domestic and imported food materials. Each store of the company is divided into different departments such…...

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...Running head: KUDLER ORGANIZATIONAL CULTURE This scanning shows internal (strength & Weakness) and external environment (Opportunities & threats), which reflects that despite of the number of threats faced by the company, Kudler efficiently asserts a comparatively strong position in the global marketplace through maintaining its apparent growth. Kudler Organizational Culture University of Phoenix Managing the Business Enterprise MMPBL 502 Dr. Edwin Cierpial July 30, 2010 Week #2 Kudler Organizational Culture Abstract During the age of advanced technology, companies are taking advantage of the internet and other tools to improve and expand their business through advertising and marketing. Companies use the internet to track customers and maintain current customers while trying to attract new customers. Regardless of the technology, the success or failure of a company depends upon management and the leadership and the decisions they make or not make. Leaders have a responsibility to take care of their customers and employees. Leadership must ensure that employees work in an environment that allows employees an opportunity excel based upon their potential and capabilities. Kudler Fine Foods has created an environment that is customer and employees focused. Kudler Organizational Culture Kudler Fine Foods is a gourmet food store located in California that specializes in gourmet products. The company is owned and operated by Kathy Kudler, the......

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...Running Head: KUDLER FINE FOODS STRATEGIC PLAN Kudler Fine Foods Strategic Plan Kudler Fine Foods Strategic Plan Organizations in today’s competitive business world must have a strong and effective strategic plan. Kudler’s Fine Foods must implement a plan that will carry its business to new heights. The strategic plan must include a mission,vision and values statement that will describe what the company stands for and why it exists. Kudlers Fine Food's goal is to be the premiere gourmet grocery store. Kudlers seeks to specialize in providing the finest meats, produce, cheeses, and wine. Kudlers will need to revise their vision statement, mission statement, and value statements in order to achieve being the industry leader in specialty foods. Organizational Mission A mission statement is why the organization was created and why it exists. A good mission statement not only explains why the organization exists but also what it hopes to achieve in the future. It articulates the organization’s nature, its values and its work. (Radtkey, J., 1998) Kudler’s mission is to provide a wide selection of the freshest ingredients as well as all the tools a gourmet cook could ever want. They are committed to providing their customers the finest selection of very best foods and wines so their customers’ culinary visions can come true. (Kudler, 2007) Vision A vision is a brief statement that captures the heart of the company and defines why it exists.......

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...Kudler Strategic Plan Kudler Fine Food established in 1998 is a very unique store not only for being a gourmet grocery store but also for the owner Kathy Kudler special care with the customers. Having a specialize personnel on each section such as a butcher, baker and wine steward helps the store to maintain the expectative of each individual person that comes into this fine store. Kudler Fine Foods is committed to provide to their customers with the finest selection of the very best foods and wines so that the culinary visions of their customers can come true (Kudler 2003). In the Kudler 2003 Strategic Plan I noticed a few issues such as, the owner Kathy Kudler having to many roles on the stores. We have to remember that Kathy owns three different stores in which she is not only the main management person, she also finalizes inventory numbers, hire new people, fires employees, place weekly orders and controlling the finance, among others. The other issue is obviously the Del Mar store not doing as well as expected, this is why moving the store to Carlsbad, CA that have a larger population of 250,000 will help improve Kathy Kudler earnings. The majors limiting factors of the business are dealing with perishable goods, as you now one of Kudler Fine Foods specialty are the organic food which mean no unnecessary preservatives on their products, and this will transfer in to a shorter expiration date. Also, the Specialty Shops with high pay roll but as I state before, one of...

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