Lab 6 Securing a Server

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|ITCS202 Week 6 Lab Worksheet |

Student Name: John Smith

General Instructions:

This worksheet will assist you in completing your Labs for this week and is the MS Word document referred to in the lab instructions. After you complete this worksheet, please save it as lastname_lab6.doc and submit.

You are required to complete all sections indicated by red brackets. You will replace the red brackets and text with the indicated material. For example, for the “Student Name” section above, a completed response would look like this:

Student Name: John Smith

When responding with text, please leave the text red so that your instructor will be able to find your responses easily. When pasting an image, please replace the red text with the image.

Guidelines for the Week 6 Lab Securing a Server and Securing Infrastructure Services
Total Points: 35

• Students will be using a login to the Microsoft virtual labs.

Assignments (Using Labs 8 and 9 of the Microsoft virtual labs):
1. Perform Lab 8 Exercise 1 (3 points). [pic] [pic]

2. Perform Lab 8 Exercise 2 (3 points). >[pic] [pic]
3. Perform Lab 8 Exercise 3 (3 points). [pic] [pic]
4. Perform Lab 8 Exercise 4 (3 points). [pic] [pic]

5. Perform Lab 9 Exercise 1 (3 point). [pic] [pic]
6. Perform Lab 9 Exercise 2 (4 point). [pic] [pic]

7. Perform Lab 9 Exercise 3 (4 points). If you have problems, then try the following: Give Student01 Dial In permissions, disable the Windows Firewall on Server01 and 02, and finally, under Advanced TCP/IP Properties of IPv4, give Server01 and Server 02 a second IP address and use that second IP address on the other server as your destination VPN address.

[pic] [pic]

8. Perform Lab 9…...

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