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LifeBook S7110 Disassembly
ESD Precautions are required when working on this LifeBook computer. Make sure the LifeBook is turned off before beginning this disassembly procedure.

1. Turn the LifeBook over and remove the Battery.

2. Slide out the optical drive.

3. Extract 2 screws from the Hard Disk Drive cover.

4. Lift the cover off.

5. Extract 1 screw from the drive.

6. Slide it to the left to disconnect it, and lift it out.

7. Extract 2 screws from the RAM cover.

8. Lift the cover off.

9. Press out on the locking clips to release the RAM and lift it out.

10. Extract 17 lower case screws.

11. Turn the LifeBook over, open it slightly and stand it on its front.

12. Use a plastic screwdriver to release 1 clip behind each of the 2 hinges.

13. Open the LifeBook and lay it flat.

14. Pry up the Status/Application panel cover with a plastic screwdriver.

15. Disconnect the speaker cable.

16. Lift up the keyboard and slide it back.

17. Disconnect its cable.

18. Extract 4 screws from the metal shield.

19. Lift the shield out.

20. Disconnect the 2 antenna cables from the WLAN card.

21. Disconnect the Display cable from the system board.

22. Extract 2 screws from each of the 2 hinges.

23. Lift the display off.

24. Extract 1 screw from the status LCD bracket.

25. Disconnect the LCD’s cable.

26. Slide the LCD and bracket out.

27. Disconnect the application panel cable.

28. Turn the assembly over and release the tabs securing panel.

29. Turn the assembly back over and lift the panel off.

30. Extract one screw securing the upper case.

31. Disconnect the GlidePoint cable.

32. Lift the upper case off.

33. Turn it over and extract 5 screws securing the GlidePoint assembly.

34. Disconnect the cable from the sensor board.

35. Lift the assembly and buttons out.

36. Retrieve the…...

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