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Principles of Effective Intervention
Ladonna F. Manuel
Ashford University
CRJ: 201 Introduction to Criminal Justice
Instructor: Michael Pozesny
June 10, 2013

Principles of Effective Intervention Many years of scientific study there were psychologist that developed four principles of effect which were called Risk principles, Criminogenic need principles, Treatment principles, and Fidelity principles. The first of the four principles of effective intervention is risk principle. Risk principles means that offenders should be provided with supervision and the treatment levels and it also mean like the risk of crime they commit. According to (Lowenkamp & Latessa 2002) “For our purpose. “risk” refers to the probably of reoffending”. Which means that it targeted high risk offender to help them not to get reoffended. That like certain offense consider low and some high. According to (Latessa 2002)” For example, in the sense that a felon poses a higher risk than a misdemeanor. I actually agree with this system we need to pay a lot more attention to the offender that are more higher risk then all the others. Because to me I feel that they don’t get the help they will do it again. The second principle the criminogenic need principle are attributes of the offender that are directly link to criminal behavior. For example criminogenic is addiction to like alcohol or drug and if your caught drinking while driving they send you to jail but, when you get our there are A.A meeting that you can go to. According to (Wright 2012) “Between 70 and 80 percent of all arrestees have drug and alcohol in their system at the time of their arrest. To me I feel that criminogenic need is good. It can help those that need help with addiction like alcohol it is very serious. The third principle would be the treatment principle which means basically a mixture…...

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