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The Last Day . After the doctrine of tawhid and revelation ,al-Akhirah is the most repeated theme with all vigour in Al-Quran. Al-Akhirah, literally translates into English as ‘the last’ or ‘the end’ .The term ‘escathology’ in Greek which means ‘the science of teachings concerning the last things’ also related to the concept of the end. Al-Akhirah in Islamic belief system , specifically refers to the ‘Hereafter’. There are over 40 names scattered in the Al-Quran that refers to the end or al-Akhirah . Among them are ‘As-sa’ah ,Al-waqiah and Al-Qariah.The name vary according to different spectacles of al-Akhirah and the purposes serves .Al-Akhirah is the day where this world comes to an end .The world will be in such devastating situation where no one will survive. Then, people from the dead will be revived and judged for what they have done during their time in the ‘dunya’. Humans move from one ‘alam’ to another and they will live eternally in the hereafter. If they die with iman in their hearts , they’ll surely get into heaven. Those who are being syirik to Allah S.W.T, they will be forever in hell. Surah Al-A’la verse 17, stated ’in akhirat is the better and everlasting’. On that very day of the end,humans will be in such condition where they will do the unthinkable. In surah Al Haj verse 1-2,it is said that On the Day when you witness it, the suckling woman shall utterly neglect the infant she suckles,2 and every pregnant woman shall cast her burden, and you will see people as......

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...the first painters to work outdoors. They were eager to show how light and shadow fell on objects at different times of day. However, because natural light changes so quickly, the Impressionists had to paint quickly. Their paintings were not as detailed as those of earlier painters. At first, many people disliked this style of painting and became very angr about it. They said that the painters were careless and their paintings were ridiculous. Modern Art (20th century to today) At the time they were created, the Impressionist paintings were controversial, but today they are accepted as the beginning of what we call "modem art". This is because the Impressionists encouraged artists to look at their environment in new ways. There are scores of modern art styles, but without the Impressionists, many of these painting styles might not exist. On the one hand, some modem art is abstract; that is, the painter does not attempt to paint objects as we see them with our eyes, but instead concentrates on certain qualities of the object, using colour, line and shape to represent them. On the other hand, some paintings of modern art are so realistic that they look like photographs. These styles are so different. Who can predict what painting styles there will be in the future? Unit 3 A healthy life-Reading ADVICE FROM GRANDAD Dear James, It is a beautiful day here and I am sitting under the big tree at the end of the garden. I have just returned from a long bike ride to......

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...Like It’s Our Last Day Patty Jo Djennelbaroud English 121 Instructor Asatryan March 25, 2013 Like It’s Our Last Day All too often we live our lives like we will be here forever. We take advantage of the time we are given to spend with our loved ones, and neglect opportunities to show how much we treasure them. Even when someone is old or sick, it’s too easy for us to fool ourselves into thinking that they ‘know’ just how important they are to us and how they impact our lives. I was lucky enough to be taught the value of living each day like it was my last day, and to never take our loved ones for granted, thanks to my niece Hillarie. When I was 14, my sister gave birth to a beautiful baby girl, Hillarie Dawn. She had milky-smooth copper skin, was completely bald, and the longest baby I had ever seen. Even her toes and fingers seem to stretch for miles, and she could keep herself entertained for ages just by watching her tiny fragile fingers furling out and in, again and again, like the tail of a peacock opening and closing. She wasn’t the first baby in this generation of my family; she was number five thus far. You could say we were quite well versed in newborn-ology, but she surprised us all with her quiet and easy nature. She rarely cried or fussed, was always happy, and even let us catch sleep for hours at a time. Before the age of 2 she was diagnosed with a heart disorder, a rare form of Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy with RCM. It held a bleak outcome for her......

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...High School Years Those four years of high school can be quite difficult. They can either be the easiest years of your life, or the hardest. It all depends on how you make it out to be. High school is so complicated when it comes down to your social life. Nowadays teenagers are bullies. They try to fit in with the “in-crowd”. They usually don’t care about hurting someone’s feelings, so that can cause a teenager to feel out of place. No one wants to go to a place 5 days out of the week, if they feel as if they are unwelcomed and are going to get made fun of. Nowadays, high school is driving teenagers overboard. High school can also make you feel out of place by your grades. Making D’s and F’s can make you not want to come. You feel as if the teacher takes you as a joke, doesn’t think you serious, as if he thinks you don’t want to succeed. Most kids that make bad grades tell their parents it’s the teachers fault. They always use the same lines that every teenager that’s failing terribly says; “My teacher doesn’t like me” or “My teacher doesn’t even know anything” when really it is the teenagers reason they are failing. The teacher doesn’t give you a grade, he or she gives you what you earn. Feeling out of place in high school can also have a positive effect; not wanting to go all the time can make a teenager work harder to graduate, strive harder to get all their credits, and even graduate early. Maybe even make straight A’s! High school is very stressful at times,......

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...There is much discussion about whether a high school curriculum should be career based or geared more towards college preparation. In the USA the educational system is organized in a way that allows students enrolled in high school to get the education that will mostly suit their ambitions and goals. If students receive a majority of their curriculum in their core courses to help for college preparation, plus have the opportunity to take a few career based courses then they’ll be fine. However, if schools allow students to focus more on the training of a career that interests them at the moment rather than focusing on college preparation they may not comprehend the core subjects such as math, literature, science, and history, and the students will not have the strong basis that colleges require in order to be successful. High schools mainly focus on grades, attendance, and behavior and as a result, surveys consistently show that many high school graduates do not meet employers’ standards in a variety of academic areas, as well as in employability skills such as attendance, teamwork and collaboration, and work habits. (Hart) Having to take classes such as health, culinary arts, and apparel only help in the homemaking career. Advanced students have the opportunity to take harder courses however they aren’t necessarily getting you ready for college; there seen more as a challenge. Even though public schools offer college courses, the students are treated differently from......

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...High School vs. College High school and college are alike, but also different in many way. They are both educational institutions which help student become the best to their ability’s. Having a good education is the key to becoming successful in life. It is a proven fact. This achievement requires not only graduating from high school, but also from college. Moving from high school to college may be an exciting, but also changeling. There are the main differences and then there are differences that aren't very distinct. These differences include the opportunity for classes, professors, and the reasonability it come with. The type of classes often differ between high school and college. Most of the classes students attend are usually mandatory, which means you have no say whether you want you go or not. High school classes you attend one class after another, spending 6-7 hours each day in class and every day of the week. You may study outside class as little as 0-2 hour’s week, and this may be mostly last-minute test preparation. You usually don't need to read anything more than once, and sometimes just listening in class and taking notes is enough to pass the class. As for college classes, it’s a little more complicated than just not study and go every day. College courses can be online and can complete homework whenever you have the time. Your classes are set up to fit your schedule not the other way around. You could have class twice a week, and maybe even in the......

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...School Days School Days When looking over my life as a child, I wanted to reflect on my childhood and teenage years. I grew up without both of my parents, therefore this was the most important part of my life. The reason these two experiences meant so much to me, because my sister made the decision to raise me. I can reflect back on these two situations that made me the woman I am today. I didn’t allow my life to stop me from receiving my education. My sister was my role model that I looked up too. Even though, my sister is no longer here I am still striving to achieve my education. I learned at an early age the importance of an education. My goal is to instill in my daughter the importance of an education. Microsystem My support came from my sister and this allowed me to go beyond the crying. I can remember in elementary school, I would cry all the time, because I didn’t like going. As a child growing up school was one of my less favorite places. I was a spoiled child by my father, therefore the only person I wanted to be with was him. I did not understand how important school was back then. It was so hard for me to adjust to other children at my school. I did not think about how staying home would affect my learning. Of course, my father tried to persuade me to go to school, but it still took time for me to realize how important getting my education. My father brought me hamburgers and all the food I love eating. One day when I got home from school, my...

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High School service, and better grades runs many high schoolers ragged. For many anything but the best is simply unacceptable. In a society that constantly tells its youth they must have the highest pay check and newest car to be happy, why wouldn't this be the case? A fifth year of high school would give students more opportunity to take classes they would enjoy, take stress off of teenagers, and give the youth of our nation a chance to develop good priorities. Schools are always adding new and interesting courses, but for many, like the college bound student, there just isn't the time. Though an arts and crafts class might sound like fun, something like AP Music Theory would probably look better on a transcript. Since there is no time to take both the student will probably take the harder class even if it is just to keep up appearances. Fifteen years old seems too early to start making "career" choices over things that would be fun. But it happens and it causes stress. Teenagers in the country have an ever growing load of stress being placed upon them. Starting before high school teens are faced with the questions: Where are you going to college? How are you going to get there? What are you going to be? All these questions are extremely daunting and often stress students out. Also, with the price of college so high many students take on a job during high school which only adds to the stress. With an extra year of high school not only would students have time to think......

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...High School Graduation Speech Now that we are graduating I believe this time that we, class of 2014 fine tell all the people cheering on tonight but most importantly our parents three words we swore we will never say you were right. Now today, class of 2014 I challenge you to reflect on your past four years, remember who you are, where you are from, and what you represent. There’s this rumor that high school changes who you are and truth is I agree. Four years can really change a person just as Miley Cyrus because when we are freshmen she was a Disney star who was Hannah Montana riding horses and singing hoe down throw down, but now she rides wrecking balls. Although were change has been a drastic we are the naïve freshmen we once were when we first walked in as 15 year olds very awkward looking forward for the best years of our life. However, we seem realize that high school was not like High School Musical and all these singing and dancing and laughter usually ended as with crying on the way that IBCA everyday and trying to hide behind the bleachers to avoid the dreaded mile on PE. And not even next to classified school survival guide can prepare us for the horror of math excel. Since freshmen year we even change our styles and let’s take a moment to apologize to our parents for having to walk to that headache trap we called abracrombi freshmen over year. And now it’s instagram, twitter, and snapchat and if you don’t update each of them daily people will question your...

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...Itch—the incurable chaffing we all crave to scratch. The cure? Graduation. As we progress through our high school years growing with wisdom and maturity, we all yearn for freedom. Yet what we desire most is not always what is best for us. Although most won't want to admit it, extending our high school career to five years would make an important and beneficial impact on our future. With the four years that are currently provided, there is not enough time for motivated students to accomplish their goals before college. Merely being accepted by a selective college or university requires much pre-planned effort that is literally unavailable to students already concerned with grades and other activities. Colleges look most thoroughly at how an applicant used his or her four years of high school. Leadership roles, a dedication to an organization, and a well-rounded, involved student is appealing to the most elite educational institutions. Often, students desire leadership positions in numerous extra-curricular organizations, but face limiting regulations on the number of offices they may hold at one time. Even if a school doesn't limit students' involvement, students eventually reach the limits of what a 24-hour day can hold. Too often, students cannot participate as much as they want in as many extra-curriculars as they want because there just isn't time. With an extra year of high school, those involved in more than one activity could successfully find the time to contribute......

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...High School Imagine this… You forget to set your alarm, so you wake up late. You rush to get ready. As you are driving out of the driveway you realize you are low on gas. You finally make it to class, but you are late. One more tardy and you have Saturday school. Your second period class has a pop quiz which you are not prepared for. When you go to the restroom you over hear two of your friends making fun of your outfit. You are wondering if this day could possible get any worse. And then it does. Your boyfriend of nine months picks this day to break up with you. At one time or another every high schooler will experience a day similar to this. This is an illustration of why the high school years can be the most difficult times in a young person’s life. For example, peer pressure is something every high schooler will face on frequent bases. In an article in the current issue of Parenting Magazine, Katelyn Smith reports that an increase in the number of high school students have been exposed of the common peer pressures in today’s society: drugs, alcohol, and sex. Have you ever been put in a situation where all eyes are on you and you felt like you have to say yes or you will be ridiculed? Studies from the Adolescence Association indicate that roughly 80% of high school students experience peer pressure throughout their high school career. My parents have always told me to,” Say no to peer pressure!” The second most difficult time of a high school student is dealing......

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...More Responsibilities High school life versus college life is like sugar versus salt; they both look alike but the taste is much different. The first difference that I can tell is that I turn to be partially independent. My parents are not treating me like a baby anymore; but instead they now treat me as a young adult. When I was in high school, my parents would not let me to drive to school even when I got my driver license at age of 17. They did not feel safe when I drive the car to school alone. Since I go to college, I now can drive my own car to go to school and I can go home whenever I want to. Besides that, they did not let me go out late but now I can be home anytime that I want. That is the first thing that I notice the difference between high school and college life. The second thing that I can clearly tell the difference is about conversations. High school students tend to talk about whatever they want to without thinking. The most interesting subjects for high school students are: where do we go after school today; what games do we play today; what movies will be released this week… all of those subjects are different, however, they all have one thing in common is that they are all about entertaining. But in college, it is different; people talk more about school and their careers. I am not saying all college students but at least the people that I know in college includes myself; we care more about subjects which are related to school and work. Our......

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... Her Last Days Jody Seibold Hondros College Abstract My research paper is dedicated to my mother and her last days on this earth. Our nightmare started on September 17, 2012, this is when we were told that my mom had stage four pancreatic cancers that had spread to all of the lobes of her liver, spleen, and large intestine. We went to this appointment thinking she would be able to be treated not to get a death sentence. By the time we found out her cancer had already spread. She was offered chemotherapy but she declined it because at best, it would only prolong her life a month maybe two. She wanted to live her life to the fullest and not be sick from chemo. At that moment every minute was precious time left with mom and I wanted to be by her side every minute of every day. This is the true story of a beautiful life cut short from cancer. Her Last Days This research paper will explain the main function of the pancreas and why pancreatic cancer is it so deadly? It will reveal how a person can live without a complete pancreas? This essay will cover the five stages of grief my mother experienced. I will attempt to explain the emotional aspect my mother went through. It will also talk about hospice and how they assisted us through the process. Lastly, my paper will cover how strong my mother’s faith in God was and still is. What is the main function of the pancreas? This gland is positioned in the epigastric portion of the abdomen tuck in behind the stomach......

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...given 5 new high frequency words to study. Before the pattern is introduced, students will take a pre-test to assess their prior knowledge of the pattern. All students will then be given 10 pattern words to study at home. Students who score a 90% or better on the practice test will be given more challenging words (that follow the same pattern) for their study list. On this day a word study packet will also come home that explains the new spelling pattern and describes the related homework activities. Students have all week to work on the assignments in the packet and are asked to return it to school on the following Friday, the day of the weekly test. Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday: In school, students will rotate though a variety of word study centers that will help them practice both the pattern-based spelling words and their assigned high frequency words. At home, students should spend some time each night working on the assignments in their weekly word study packet. Friday: The weekly spelling test will always be on Friday. This is also the day that the weekly word study packet homework packet is to be returned to school. After students take the spelling test in class, the corrected test will be returned to students so that they can record any words that they spelled wrong in their word study notebook. Every so often, students will have a week where their entire spelling list will be made up of these misspelled pattern words. If students misspell a high......

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...had graduated from my high school and I feel privileged that I am standing in front of you students and parents to make my speech. I had been going through the same process when I was undergoing all my graduation. I had many questions and concerns when I was graduating at the time. I was thinking about where I am going to be at after graduating from my high school because I didn’t had any idea what majors to select and what school to go to. I have learned a lot from my past experience. And I will love to share all my knowledge with graduates and parent. To be honest I wasn’t a good student at all I used to bunk my classes and I used to listen to music during my class timing but still managed to graduate. As you guys specially students might be thinking that I was really a brilliant student that’s why today school have invited me to be in front of you guys. But really isn’t true. I am just an illumine of and got successful after graduating from the high school but before that I didn’t had any direction where to head on. You wouldn’t call me successful as I don’t own mention or classic car but I earns a descent salary and live a decent living. According to you guys the most successful person might be Lil Wayne or Lebron James but let me tell you not everyone possesses that kind of talent. High school was the best time of my life I met so many people of my age group and I consider my high school friends still my best friends because they after high school every person I meet I...

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