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Element: Lead
Symbol: Pb
Latin Name: Plumbum
Atomic Number: 82
Group: 14
Period: 6
Electronic Configuration: * 1s2 2s2p6 3s2p6d10 4s2p6d10f14 5s2p6d10 6s2p2
Electrons per Energy Level: 2,8,18,32,18,4
Shell model:

Properties Of Lead (Pb)

Chemical Properties of Lead * Electrochemical Equivalent: 3.865g/amp-hr * Electron Work Function: 4.25eV * Electronegativity: 2.33 (Pauling); 1.55 (Allrod Rochow) * Heat of Fusion: 4.799kJ/mol * Incompatibilities:
Strong oxidizers, hydrogen peroxide, acids * Ionization Potential * First: 7.416 * Second: 15.028 * Third: 31.943 * Valence Electron Potential (-eV): 24.2
Physical Properties of Lead * Atomic Mass Average: 207.2 * Boiling Point: 2013K 1740°C 3164°F * Coefficient of lineal thermal expansion/K-1: 29.1E-6 * Conductivity
Electrical: 0.0481 106/cm Ω
Thermal: 0.353 W/cmK * Density: 11.35g/cc @ 300K * Description:
A very soft bluish-white metal that tarnishes in moist air. * Elastic Modulus: * Bulk: 46/GPa * Rigidity: 5.6/GPa * Youngs: 16/GPa * Enthalpy of Atomization: 194.6 kJ/mole @ 25°C * Enthalpy of Fusion: 4.77 kJ/mole * Enthalpy of Vaporization: 179.4 kJ/mole * Flammablity Class: Non-combustible solid (except as dust) * Freezing Point: see melting point * Hardness Scale * Brinell: 38.3 MN m-2 * Mohs: 1.5 * Heat of Vaporization: 177.7kJ/mol * Melting Point: 600.75K 327.6°C 621.7°F * Molar Volume: 18.27 cm3/mole * Physical State (at 20°C & 1atm): Solid * Specific Heat: 0.13J/gK * Vapor Pressure = 4.21E-07Pa@327.6°C

Crystal Structure: Cubic face centered

Uses of lead
Used in solder, shielding against radiation, in batteries and ammunition. Still used in gasoline in some areas of the world, but this use is being phased out.


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