Leadership Concepts Worksheet

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Leadership Concepts Worksheet
Donna A. Ray
University of Phoenix
December 14, 2009

Leadership Concepts Worksheet
|Concept |Application of Concept in the Scenario or Simulation |Reference to Concept in Reading |
| |GeneOne leadership team developed a technology that kills diseases found in |Performance is the acceptability of |
|Performance |tomatoes and potatoes. With this new technology farmers will no longer have |output of output to customers within |
| |to use pesticides that will taint their crops. This technology helped GeneOne|or outside the organization who |
| |to mature into a multi-million dollar business within a short period. |receive team products, services, |
| | |information, decisions, or |
| |Performance relates to satisfying the needs and expectations of outsiders |performance events (Kreitner & |
| |such as clients, customers, and fans (Kreitner-Kinicki, 2003, p. 451). |Kinicki, 2003, p. 451). |
| |GeneOne’s leadership team lacks a sense of togetherness. A lack of |Cohesiveness is a process whereby “a |
|Cohesiveness |cohesiveness among the team was displayed in the meeting that was held on |sense of ‘we-ness’ emerges to |
| |March 8, 2005. During the meeting, some of the team members were very |transcend individual differences and |
| |hostile because of different opinions that were exhibit in the meeting. Some|motives.” (Kreitner & kinicki, 2003, |
| |team members…...

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