Leading in a Changing World

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Leading in a Changing World

A “person who guides“ (thesaurus.com) can be defined as a leader. Leadership is a skill that one cannot learn, but one gains out of experience and practice. There is no scale or unit to measure leadership but it is the by the examples that one sets, people conclude as to how good or bad a leader the person is. The level of motivation that one can provide to someone shows the leadership skills of a person. One can be a leader at any age or in any phase of life. Leaders may not always be for others welfare; they may be dictatorial in nature thinking seldom about others good.

I have always been one of those students who have been more interested in everything but studying. From playing sports to participating in cultural festivals and from social work to organizing inter school events I have always been a leader in organizing activities. The one philosophy I follow in life is to do things in a way so that people want to be led by you and fortunately my passion has had me on the winning side of things always. I have won an award for integrity and service in my school life and was named the interactor of the year for the year 2007 by the Rotary International district 3290. I have always believed in learning from my mistakes and I still practice it religiously.

I came to London in the month of September last year. The biggest challenge I had foreseen for myself was that of overcoming homesickness. I have been bought up in a very closely-knit joint family and the biggest challenge would have been staying all alone here in London. I had no option but to adjust to the situation so as to emerge as a winner. This seemed like an impossible task to me but the one thing that motivated me was my father and his reaction to my returning home with the reason of homesickness.

The first 2 weeks at the university was the biggest challenge for me…...

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