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Huston-Tillotson University
Monitor Message Posting Form

There are three types of monitors on campus: MTVu in the cafeteria, general pictorial outside of the cafeteria, and cable located in buildings around campus. To post on MTVu or the general pictorial monitors, contact the Office of Public Relations and Marketing. Follow the instructions below to post on the cable monitors.

Cable access through television monitors is located in all buildings on the Huston-Tillotson University campus. In addition, the two residence halls are cable ready for an audience of nearly 400 students. The campus population includes nearly 1,000 students and 150 faculty and staff. The University has rights and signal connectivity within the parameter of the campus to Time Warner Cable channels 10, 11, and 17 with designations as follows: Channel 10-announcements; Channel 11-educational programming; and Channel 17-live and recorded broadcasts. Public monitors are tuned to Channel 10 daily.

Content may be posted on Channel 10 at a rate of $50 a month. Faculty, staff, and students may post HT business content only at no charge. For programs on Channels 11 and 17, contact the Office of Public Relations and Marketing for rates. Files must be created utilizing a PowerPoint format.

The following rules apply when creating files for posting. • Select a readable font for text and body type. • Keep sentences short. Use bullet points. • Avoid excessive capitalization and text in ALL CAPS. • Use light text on semi-dark backgrounds. • Use appropriate, clear graphics. • Proof and check for spelling errors.

Huston-Tillotson University reserves the right to request a redesign of your submitted work and the right to reject your posting without assuming any cost or liability. Allow five to seven business days for the Information Technology Department personnel to…...

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...those who cause these deaths and accidents should be punished. President Obama has now stepped in on this issue and banned texting to all government officials while in a car owned by the government or in their own possession. Now 16 states have passed a bill through congress that has banned texting while in a car. Many Americans are saying that sending a text message while driving is the number one danger to all of their kids. Texting while driving takes away concentration on the road and driving skills, it also causes a person to not look at the road as such when something happens where you need to stop or avoid it then there would be less time to react when you finally look up, the faster you are going of course the more distance you will cover before reacting. Many places are banning cell phone use while driving due to concentration problems many people have, if they are talking about a crisis or something their attention is not on the road and what is going on around them, texting multiplies that and is much worse since they aren't even looking at where they are going while inputting the digits. The worst rail road accident in the US in terms of human lives lost happened because the Metrolink driver was texting and didn't see the signal....

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