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Let there be LED
LEDs are semiconductors, and like all solid-state technology, they are getting better and cheaper on a predictable curve. In 1999, a researcher named Roland Haitz, then heading up semiconductor R&D at Hewlett-Packard, coauthored a paper that became the lighting industry’s manifesto. By charting the historical prices of LEDs and projecting forward, Haitz estimated that the amount of light they produced would increase by a factor of 20 per decade, while the cost would correspondingly drop by a factor of 10. Haitz’s law has proven remarkably accurate. Fluorescent lightening has been around since the 1930s, GE physicist Ed Hammer was the first, in 197, to figure out how to twirl that long gas-filled tube so it would screw into a standard socket. The GE CFL produced as much light as an incandescent, while drawing just 20 percent as much electricity. In 1980, Philips became the first company to market a CFL, with a design based on a series of bends rather than GE’s spiral. But problems of dimming, flicker, and light colour remained. And manufacturer claims of bulb lifetime and quality were wildly exaggerated. Consumers didn’t understand that CFLs burn out rapidly when they’re not allowed to rest at least 15 minutes between being cycled off and on. Though industry claims that some of the problems resulted from an early influx of cheap imported bulbs are true- as in the fact that CFLs have improved- many issues remain. No-name commodity bulbs still perform poorly, and even the big brands continue to poison the well by selling for example, CFL floodlights, which often wind up in outdoor motion-sensor systems. This is an absolutely inappropriate use, given how fast the bulbs expire when they have to flick on and off so quickly. The final blow came when consumers learned the CFLs contain mercury, enough that the Environmental Protection Agency’s cleanup…...

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...present state/next state diagram is as follows: Present 1 Present 0 (Q1) 0 0 1 1 Next 1 (D1) 0 1 0 X (Q0) 0 1 0 1 Next 0 (D0) 1 0 0 X By inspection we can tell that D1 = Q0. Note how the don't care case has simplified this. The Karnaugh map for D0 is like this: Q0 0 1 Q1 0 1 1 X If we let the don’t care condition equal 0 we find D0 to be: D0 = (Q0 + Q1 ) The overall circuit is as follows: Notice over here that both flip flops are clocked simultaneously, avoiding the ripple effect. Digital Electronics – EEE3017W (2009) 13 2. Design a light-chaser system. The system has four LED's, numbered from 0 to 3. When the system is running it sequences the LED's. There is also a direction input, called DIR. When DIR is low the LED's go in the sequence 0-1-2-3. When DIR is high the LED's are sequenced in the other direction, 3-2-1-0. There are four states in this system, one per LED. We can use two bits of information to hold the system state. The present state/next state diagram is as follows: Input Present State DIR 0 0 0 0 1 1 1 1 Q1 0 0 1 1 0 0 1 1 Next State Q0 0 1 0 1 0 1 0 1 D1 0 1 1 0 1 0 0 1 D0 1 0 1 0 1 0 1 0 Comment LED0 counting UP LED1 counting UP LED2 counting UP LED3 counting UP LED0 counting DOWN LED1 counting DOWN LED2 counting DOWN LED3 counting DOWN By inspection D0 = Q0 . We can draw the following Karnaugh map for......

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...Tools To Use For Painting With Light Photography (OBEP.com) Flashlights and LED’s Flashlights and Led’s are great tools when painting with light photography. The best type of flashlight to use with light painting trick photography is Maglite. Flashlights and LED bulbs both has their advantages and disadvantages. Maglite flashlights have a warm natural yellow color because they use incandescent bulbs. LED’s on the other hand usually has a colder tone color. If one has trouble working with either of these tools, change the white balance for one’s camera to build up the temperature difference. Maglights and LED’s are the primary and novice light painting tool. Fiber Optic Adapter If one comes to a situation where one must use a small or hand sized object, one will see that using a flashlight or LED will not work appropriately. In cases such as this, one will need a fiber optic adapter for their flashlight. The adapter is a cap that fits snuggly over the bulb casing of the flashlight, with a fiber optic cable protruding out of the end. This light painting tool comes in two sizes. A seven inch version and a twenty inch version. Using the Maglite adapter combination will give one the capability to light paint small and hand sized objects with ease and utmost accuracy. Key Chain LED The next best tool to flashlights and LED’s are key chain LED’s. These little gadgets have a button on the top that can quickly turn the light on and off. It can also keep the LED lock...

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...Older circuits. Most are working, some are not. Could be still useful. Radio Shack Partnumbers - Most common order numbers for my circuits Tandy Corporation - European/Australian counterpart of Radio Shack TUP/TUN/DUS/DUG European transistor replacement system Tomi Engdahls' Page - Solid electronics projects! Jan Freak's Page in the Netherlands - Well thought out information. Dutch language only Bowden's Hobby Circuits - Collection of circuits, for everyone. Circuit Exchange International - Andy's website. Good selection of excellent circuits Electronic Tutorials - Collection of electronics tutorials. Dolbowent.Com - Electronic Surplus and Engineering Support. Jordan's Electronics Page - Lots of good circuits here also. LED Webpage. White Led's everywhere - Malcom's site in the UK. Guelph Amateur Radio Club - GARC--Official Homepage PA3BWK's Ultimate Morse Code Website - Wilko Hollemans site in the Netherlands Larry's Robotics & Electronics Page - Many good circuits ElectronicsZone - Naveen's Website Spark Museum - John D. Jenkins amazing collection of antique wireless & scientific instruments DISCLAIMER: I take no responsibility whatsoever for the use and/or implementation thereof, or the misuse leading to damage to equipment, property, or life, caused by the above circuits. Check with local, provincial and federal laws before operating some of these devices. You may also check your life insurance and/or the fact if they cover death by electrocution if you intend to play......

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...which is used to fill the overhead tank. In such cases the switch is turned OFF only after water starts to overflow from the tank. This in most of the cases leads to a lot of water wastage since the water that overflows, flows into the drains. To overcome the issue of water overflowing from the overhead tank, a device can be installed. This device would buzz when the water in the overhead tank is about to overflow, giving the residents enough time to turn the switch OFF. Hence saving lot of water. The device is also capable of displaying the amount of water in the overhead tank through various LED’s.   Approach to the Problem: The main requirements of the water level indicator are: • Low power consumption • Simplified result • Compact • Economical The recommended solution to the given issues: • Use of LED’s enables low power consumption and economical • Use of multiple LED’s gives a simplified result • Use of single IC makes the computation less complex   Literature Survey IC 4066 The 4066 is a Quad Bilateral Switch that can be used with digital or analog signals. Transistor BC148 It is a plastic version of a standard NPNT transistor and is used for small signal general purpose amplification. SPST Switch (Single Pole, Single Throw) A simple ON-OFF switch, the two terminals are either connected together or disconnected from each other. An example is a light switch. Piezoelectric Buzzer High performance buzzers are used for indoor operations......

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...How to calculate the value of resistor for LED’s (with different types of LED’s circuits)  This tutorial will help you to find the proper value of resistor (or resistors) for one or more LED’s to connect with battery.  If you pick this topic, you will be able to: Calculate the value of resistors for different LED’s Circuit diagrams Calculate the Forward Current of LED’s Calculate the Forward Voltage for different LED’s Circuits Connect LED’s in Series with batter Connect LED’s in Parallel with battery Connect LED’s in Series-Parallel Circuits Typical LED Symbol, Construction and Lead Identification.                                                Click Image to enlarge Before we go in detail, we will try to get ride on below simple circuit, so that the other calculation will be easier to understand.                                                  Click Image to enlarge This is the Simplest LED Series circuit ever. Here, the supply voltage is V, LED Forward Voltage (VF) is 1.3 Volt and Forward Current (IF) is 10mA. Now the Value of resistor (which we will connect in Series with LED) for this circuit would be: Resistor Value = (Vsupply - VF)/ IF = (6 -1.3) / 10mA = 470 Ω Current draw = 20mA Resistor Power rating formula for this circuit Resistor Power Rating = IF2 x Resistor Value = (10mA) 2 x 470 Ω = 0.047W = 47mW But This is the minimum required resistor value to ensure that resistor will not overheat, so its recommended that to double the power......

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...Nora’s perfect reality but the dispersing of her childlike feature and naivety, as the ‘sparks’ within her would slowly fade away. Her bright happy façade would be replaced by a dark thought of leaving her family, and a fading of candle would represent this. Mrs Linde’s reaction too would affect the set and lighting design, “Well a wife can’t borrow money without a husbands consent” – she is shocked and appalled by Nora’s actions, as women where not meant to be involved with business it was not social acceptable at the time. Previously the lights created a warm and comforting atmosphere using three mellow yellow LED’s at a 45 degree angle with a medium light intensity across the stage, with candles flickering making the audience feel warm and welcomed. However as soon as Nora starts to bring up the topic of how she gained the money to ‘save Helmer’s life’, the warm yellow LED’s would slowly dim down to low light intensity and two white birdies would close in on Nora and Mrs Linde – making their faces look harsh and petrified like a ‘rabbit in front of the lights’, illuminating Nora’s vulnerability to towards Mrs Linde. Mrs Linde’s reaction would be heightened further as she stands up from her chair in a swift movement of shock – her armchair would move backwards creating a screeching noise. Nora trusts and relies on the furniture to be a stable comfort within her life, however as her friend loses faith within her, so does the stable comforts with her life – the furniture. By......

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...circuit 11. Resistors (10) A passive two-terminal electrical component that implements electrical resistance as a circuit element • Construction of the piano: The PCB for the kit come pre labeled with the placements for the components so setup is fast and convent. This help with just concretion on the soldering techniques. 1. Match and install the 10 resisters (R1 toR10) to the resistor holes on the PCB and then solder 2. Insert the IC socket into the NE555P IC pin holes on the PCB and then solder 3. Insert the eight tact switches into the Do, Re, Mi, Fa, So ,La ,Si ,Do positions on the PCB and then solder 4. Insert the electrolytic capacitor’s positive pin into C3+ and the negative pin intoC3- and then solder 5. Insert the LED’s positive pin into LED+ and the negative pin into LED- and then solder 6. Insert the two ceramic capacitors into the C1 and C2 positions on the PCB and then solder 7. Insert the battery holder red wire into BATTERY+ and black wire into BATTERY- and then solder 8. Insert the Speaker red wire into SPEAKER+ and black wire into SPEAKER- and then solder Conclusion: In the following report it was covered on the construction of the electronic piano and the tools and material needed to put together. This is very easy setup that helps you understand the soldering process and gives a confidence boost when you see the project come to life. I can also see this helping you understanding circuits and how to troubleshoot it if something would to......

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...Lasers are monochromatic (single color wavelength), collimated (non-divergent) and coherent (wavelengths in- phase) in contrast, LED's are neither coherent nor collimated and generate a broader band of wavelengths (multiple). In addition, a significant difference between the two is the power output. The peak power output of lasers is measured in watts, while that of LED's, is measured in milliwatts. Also, LED's usually have a 50% duty cycle, meaning that they are "on" 50% of the time and "off" 50% of the time regardless of what frequency (pulses per second) setting is used. There are many light emitting products on the market today, claiming to be lasers that do not meet scientifically defined attributes for being a true laser. For example, products that use Light Emitting Diodes or LEDs as they are more commonly known, do in fact produce light, however the light is not intense, producing very little energy and is non-coherent, similar to light produced by common household light bulbs. Non-coherent or non-culminated light is the result of photons moving in random directions at random times, generating random frequencies. The most common use of LEDs is in electronic equipment, such as cell phones and VCRs, to inform the users that the item is ON. LEDs are cheap and easy to reproduce (Pontinen 1992). Obviously, these devices are NOT lasers. This misconception is in large part a by-product of marketing. Some sales professional use the word "laser" in order to describe a......

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...Cree, Inc.: Which Bright Future? Cree has encountered four major strategy problems: (1) Cree’s profitability have significantly decreased as the following reasons: * As some of the markets, in which Cree’s LED chips are used, has reached a saturation point, LED firm’s growth has slowed. * As competition within the industry is intensified, the limited number of cell phone manufacturers squeezed prices. (2) The sale of LEDs in the general lighting market is challenging as the following reasons: * LED’s brightness could barely match either the traditional incandescent bulbs used residentially or the fluorescent tubes used in commercial and industrial applications. * LEDs were substantially more expensive to manufacture. * The limited number of LED SKUs available inhibits consumers’ replacement purchases. (3) Cree has difficulty in convincing the various players in the general lightning value chain to push LEDs as the following reasons: * Lighting fixture companies feared that LEDs would disrupt their supply chains or reopen their customers to competition. * Retailers are concerned that LED bulbs with a longer lifespan would lead to less sales. * Contractors are worried about having a low margin because LEDs fixtures incur more expensive up-front costs. (4) Cree has to overcome the technical challenges for LEDs, which is to increase brightness and reduce power demand, to advance LEDs into the general-lighting market.......

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...for displaying images because they can be relatively small, and they do not burn out. http://www.webopedia.com/TERM/L/LED.html http://www.edgesystem.net/LED_light_therapy.htm A small indicator light most often used to show the power is on or the device is being used. LEDs are found on your computer case, monitor, printer, modem, CD-ROM drive, and hard drive. What is Inside an LED? LED's are special diodes that emit light when connected in a circuit. They are frequently used as "pilot" lights in electronic appliances to indicate whether the circuit is closed or not. A a clear (or often colored) epoxy case enclosed the heart of an LED, the semi-conductor chip.  LED leads side lead on flat side of bulb = negative       The two wires extending below the LED epoxy enclosure, or the "bulb" indicate how the LED should be connected into a circuit. The negative sideof an LED lead is indicated in two ways: 1) by the flat side of the bulb, and 2) by the shorter of the two wires extending from the LED. The negative lead should be connected to the negative terminal of a battery. LED's operate at relative low voltages between about 1 and 4 volts, and draw currents between about 10 and 40 milliamperes. Voltages and currents substantially above these values can melt a LED chip.  The most important part of a light emitting diode (LED) is the semi-conductor chip located in the center of the bulb as shown at the right. The chip has two regions separated by a junction.......

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...brave man starve himself no eating for two days and after that he will take a capsule, its not just a simple capsule but more like a camera to trace and check what is inside our body, where the foods go and what will happen. It’s really fascinating to see, it gives pictures from the very moment that the man take it, from mouth going to the small intestine where the final digestion takes place. It’s truly amazing and I can hear the “ohhhs” and the “ahhhh’s” of viewers. We watch lots of videos, different clips from science film showing, from Makkah Clock, Pathway of Food, Using the LED flash to draw, about Zeus and so on and so forth. Let me tell you something about LED because it’s quite really interesting to watch. LED’s are all around us. In our phones, our cars and even our homes. Any time something electronic lights up, there’s a good chance that an LED is behind it. They come in a huge variety of sizes, shapes, and colors, but no matter what they look like they have one thing in common: they’re the bacon of electronics. They’re widely purported to make any project better and they’re often added to unlikely things (to everyone’s delight). To draw with your LED flashlight, set up your camera in a dark room and have your light on hand. If your camera has a flash setting, make sure it is turned off. Set your camera to record video or take a slow shutter image. You can use an auto-timer to get in position. When the camera indicates that the picture has......

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...time and there are more efficient incandescent bulbs it does not match the LED. The LED is able to produce the same light effects with a simpler and cleaner design. Using a semiconductor, when a current is run through the semiconductor it excites the electrons and when the atoms change energy levels they produce light. It is a compact for efficient way of lighting, LED’s don’t have to use gas for the lighting so the glass casing is unnecessary making LEDs much more durable the standard blubs. With the semiconductor creating the light there is no more need to worry about the filament breaking so it is has a much longer life span. Many LEDs were first used on many electronic devices not for lighting a complete area but more for relaying information to the user for example a DVD player to show that the system is off. The use for LEDs has grown exponentially, now they are being used to replace all different types of lighting, on cars, LED televisions, even replacing interior lighting. With the switch over to LED lighting is a great advancement for technology, getting rid of the older blubs and switching to LED’s will save a lot of money not having to replace the blubs so often and saving energy because they mostly produce light instead of heat. With the energy that is being saved with this newer technology it will also be much better for the environment, this could help the strong dependency for fossil fuels. In conclusion, the LED is a great replacement for the invention......

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...marketing portion increase ten percent in three years, remaining LED’s position share with two times in light industry, keeping its leading stance in urban with the rate of rise twenty percent and expanding its influence in rural with ten percent. Based on these aims, we are going to add our marketing profits rate from thirty-eight percent to forty-two percent. The plan will explain it in details. III. Analysis of situation 1. Assume A. In three years, the rate of inflation will increase to four percent. B. During the three years, the increasing rate of payment will not surpass the rate of inflation. C. In the duration, market demands will continue rising and tend to choose energy-saved and environment-protected products. 2. Marketing portion It includes history portion and calculating portion, we will know it clearly. These statistics made by market department. Everyone will get a piece of material and read it carefully, focusing on the rural part and our calculating portion. 3. Strategy market Our strategy markets are building industry, tourism industry, entertainment industry, vehicle industry. Our company marketing strategies in last year and in three years dedicate in appendix. 4. Key product Compared with the common lighting lamp, LED has clear illuminant, long using span, almost without mending. Possessing strong applicability, high steady and short responding time, the characteristics of LED’s light source is using low-pressure power supply, consuming......

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...ports / interfaces all available on the back panel as depicted below - [pic] The interfaces are to be connected as follows - 1. ADSL interface ( RJ 11 ) for connecting the incoming DSL line from the POTS splitter. 2. Ethernet interface ( RJ45 ) for connecting the Ethernet cable from the PC. 3. USB interface for connecting the USB cable from the PC. Note - Either Ethernet or USB interface shall be used depending on the availability of corresponding interface on the PC. LED's have been provided on the Front Panel of BSNL Broadband Modem, which are useful for diagnostics in case of any problem in the functioning of Broadband connection. The LED's available on the Modem and their brief descriptions are given below :- [pic] After the Modem has been connected as above, it can be switched ON. The Modem shall take about 2 to 3 minutes to boot and train with the BSNL Broadband network. While training the ADSL link shall be blinking. After completion of this process all the LED's should come to the normal display condition. Configuration Of bridge connection Creation of dialer in PC (only for Windows XP): Step 1 to Step 11. Step 1. Click on Start, Select Setting, Control Panel [pic] Step 2. Double Click on Network Connections [pic] Step 3. Click on Create a New Connection [pic] Step 4 . Click Next on Welcome to New Connection Wizard......

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