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Edgecombe Avenue Parking: A Need for Additional Legal Parking Spaces

Edgecombe Avenue Parking: A Need for Additional Legal Parking Spaces
With the population of the area growing each year and the removal of a large parking garage, our community is experiencing a parking shortage. The east side of Edgecombe Avenue between 155th & 150th Streets (a one way street) is the only area in the neighborhood that does not allow parking. The purpose of this paper is to show that Community Board 9’s Transportation Committee should approve a change so that parking is permitted on both sides of the street. The current parking restrictions have created an undue burden on the residents, increase the risk to personal safety and with the upcoming Sugar Hill Project parking will become even more problematic in the neighborhood.
Parking on the east side of the street was briefly allowed for a few months back in 2009 but was subsequently revoked. The decision was made at a community board meeting that was not fully communicated to the residents. The board should reconsider since several factors have changed in the past two years and not all viewpoints were expressed at the 2009 meeting. Every other street in the surrounding area permits parking on both sides. There are no city ordinances published regarding this issue. Josh Orzeck, the Department of Transportation’s (DOT) Community Board Liaison stated “In order to make a change, the residents must make a proposal to the community board and the community board will in turn instruct the DOT to make the change” (J. Orzeck, personal communication, October 9, 2011).
In December 2010, the parking garage at 155th and St. Nicholas Avenue closed due to the sale of the building for the Sugar Hill Project. The three story garage provided over 100 parking spaces to area residents and visitors. Now that…...

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