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International Expansion Strategy for Lenovo Company

1. Introduction 2
2. Motives of international expansion strategy of Lenovo 2
3. Determination of target market 4 3.1 Macro environment factor 4 3.2 Characteristic of Lenovo Company 6
4. Market entry mode 7 4.1 Exporting mode 7 4.2 Licensing and franchising mode 8 4.3 Joint Venture 9 4.4 Wholly owned subsidiary 10
5. International competitive strategy 10 5.1 Strategy clock model 11 5.2 Center identification 13
6. Challenges and suggestions 15 6.1 Challenges 15 6.2 Suggestions 16
7. Conclusion 17

1. Introduction

In the current commercial economy, the global economy has changed rapidly in the near decades. Barrier of trade between the different borders has been not a headache for many multinational companies any more. What is more, in accordance with the data from WTO, the increase of multinational trade is becoming more and more dramatically in comparison with the global output. (Liu, 2005) As a result, it is suggested that current economic system is transferred to be more globalised, integrated and interdependent. Thus for many enterprises or just like your company Lenovo, to have a plan on the international expansion strategies is of the essence.

2. Motives of international expansion strategy of Lenovo

Lenovo, which was found in 1984 with 11 engineers gathered in a boardroom in China, has achieved unbelievable success since its foundation. However, in spite of Lenovo is regarded as the innovative leader in the Chinese market and well-known for creating convenient Internet access for households, its growth in the international market was not so much unpleasing. On consequence, Lenovo could not just concentrate on the Chinese market. In addition, some motives for Lenovo Company to make international expansion strategy into foreign…...

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