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June 15, 2012

Dear John Smith, I was writing to you today to express some of the feelings I have about my Native American ancestors and how the experiences that they have had throughout U.S. History have affected us in political, social, cultural issues and concerns as well. As you know, we were the first of our kind to come to “American” lands. And because we “looked” different than those other European people that came to our land, we were looked upon as the “enemy.” Many of the women in our tribes did the cultivation of numerous crops such as beans, squash, and corn; while the men of the tribes were the hunters and protectors of the tribes. And since our tribes told of our history instead of writing it down, the Europeans were able to say that they came to the “American” lands before we did. In 1830, the U.S. Congress passed a the Indian Removal Act, which allowed the government to relocate Native Americans from their homelands within established states to lands west of the Mississippi River. This was to accommodate the European-American expansion into the U.S. lands. There were numerous Indian wars during the duration of the American Civil War, which were frequent up until 1890’s. There were still wars, but not as many, up until the 20th century. The transcontinental railroad brought over more non-Native into more of the tribal lands. But over a period of time the U.S. finally decided to force a series of treaties and land concessions by the tribes and helped reservations in the western states. But the U.S. also tried to force the reservations to adopt the European style farming. Over time, this technique made the Indian reservation lands dry up. In 1924, Native Americans who we not already U.S. citizens were granted citizenship by Congress. The Native Americans are said to have a unique relationship with the United States because they may be members…...

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...Essay about: On Pale Green Walls - Mikkel Vinther ”On Pale Green Walls” is a short story written by Clare Wigfall in 1997. The main theme of the short story is the relationship between children and their parents about upbringing and education. The author wants to show how children’s curiosity and wondering can be misunderstood by the adults and leads to frustration but also, how children, in this case Violet, have a desperate need for attention, understanding and love. Another theme is Christianity and religion. The short story sets medias res on a cold day where a little girl, the main character, “pretends to be smoking, clamping imaginary cigarettes between her lips before exhaling with a billowy mist of breath”(Line 3). The girl and her family are on their way to church to celebrate Christmas. The girl, Violet, is little and curious. Even though she’s mute she is still interested and aware of the environment. She has a really lively imagination and when she walks in to the church her eyes catches a painting of a woman dressed in blue. The painting is surrounded by lots of candles, and is placed “higher than the rest of us”(line 28). At this time, she’s not aware that she’s looking at Virgin Mary – the holy mother of Jesus. She loves her. The relation and connection she feels talks to her in a way she does not know. This scene brings us to the whole conflict of the text and a big change in Violets life and mind. Because then, on a Sunday, she is drawing an imaginary......

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