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M4 – Appraise own performance in team activities
Over the course of my time at college I participated in several different team activities this has made me aware of how I perform in a team and what strengths and weaknesses I posses
The activities I participated in were:
Bang minefield
This activity involved several A4 sized cards laid out on the floor our teams objective was to cross from one side to the other. Some of the cards were blank which were safe to step on and some had the word bang written on them. If you step on the word bang your team has to go back to the beginning and start the task over. The leader of this task had to give us clear instructions and act as our eye as we were blindfolded.
During this activity i was initially highly motivated to perform well I listened to the brief carefully and clarified the groups objective to make sure not only me but my whole team understood the task. As the task went on it got very tedious as we kept standing on the bang cards and had to keep starting over this made me lose interest in the tasks. Me being a natural leader I felt like my loss of interest impacted the team and caused our whole teams morale to drop. To prevent this I showed good confidence and made suggestions to the leader like us holding our leg in a position before placing it down so the leader can confirm we are stepping where he wants us to step. In this activity I acted as a Plant and came up with a new idea which allowed me to perform more effectively.

Treasure hunt
In this task we were handed a set of questions which we has to answer the problem was the answers were scattered across our local area and we had to use a map to navigate around and find clues to help us answer our questions. This was also a competition to see which team can find the answers the fastest and the winning team would also be rewarded with a box of chocolates.…...

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