Life Coach: Drug Issues

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Life Coach: Drug Issues

Jared Hall

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August 8, 2011

Life Coach: Drug Issues
Dear Tom, As someone I have been friends for over ten years, it has not been easy for me to see you make some bad choices in your life. In the last few years, you have been arrested on multiple occasions for having possession of illegal drugs; you have lost your wife, and visitation rights for you to be able to see your kids until you straighten up your life. But you have been making improvements such as going to drug rehab and trying to find a job. Just to be clear, a life coach is not a therapist. It’s someone that is a friend who will help you improve your career and your life so you can get back on your feet into the direction that you should be going. (Hamilton,1996). If you choose to decide to hire a life coach you will be introduce to what is known as the Hero’s journey. It’s long-marathon journey that will help you get to your full potential. As a friend, I know you have a lot more in you than you really show. By taking this Hero’s journey marathon you will be able to be succeeding at your full potential. Life is a long marathon and it seems like things come up when you less expect it and everything comes down before you can even blink your eye. By choosing to take the hero’s journey you will be able to separate from your life struggles and be able to move on in the direction your family and friends want you to go in your life. By taking the hero’s journey you will embark on a number of stages according to the hero’s journey outline (Hero’s journey outline (n.d)). Eventually you will cross that threshold of not being addicted to drug use anymore. By crossing the threshold you will no longer be spending money on drugs and you will get your family back because you are showing them that you have…...

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