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No | Mata Kuliah | Sks | Nilai | | | | Huruf | Bobot | 1 | Manajemen | 5 | A | 4.0 | 2 | Akuntansi | 6 | B+ | 3.3 | 3 | Matematika Ekonomi | 3 | C+ | 2.3 | 4 | Bahasa Indonesia | 3 | A- | 3.7 | 5 | Agama Kristen | 3 | B | 3.0 | | Jumlah | 20 | | 66.8 | | IPS | | 3.34 |

Biaya : DPFP | : | 14.000.000 | Tetap | : | 1.600.000 | Variabel 20 x 170000 | : | 3.400.000 | Kesehatan | : | 150.000 | Terintegrasi | : | 150.000 | Persiapan Kealumnian | : | 25.000 | Kegiatan Kemahasiswaan | : | 275.000 | Buku | : | 200.000 | | | | Total Yang Harus Dibayar | : | 19.800.000 |

Semester 2

No | Mata Kuliah | Sks | Nilai | | | | Huruf | Bobot | 1 | Sistem Informasi Manajemen | 3 | B+ | 3.3 | 2 | Statistik | 5 | B- | 2.7 | 3 | Teori Ekonomi | 6 | A | 4.0 | 4 | Bahasa Inggris | 3 | B+ | 3.3 | 5 | Pendidikan Pancasila dan Kewarganegaraan | 3 | B | 3.0 | | Jumlah | 20 | | 66.3 | | IPS | | 3.31 |

Biaya : Tetap | : | 1.600.000 | Variabel 20 x 170000 | : | 3.400.000 | Kesehatan | : | 150.000 | Terintegrasi | : | 150.000 | Persiapan Kealumnian | : | 25.000 | Kegiatan Kemahasiswaan | : | 275.000 | Buku | : | 200.000 | | | | Total Yang Harus Dibayar | : | 5.800.000 |

Semester 3

No | Mata Kuliah | Sks | Nilai | | | | Huruf | Bobot | 1 | Manajemen Pemasaran | 6 | B | 3.0 | 2 | Manajemen Operasional | 6 | A | 4.0 | 3 | Manajemen Keuangan | 6 | B+ | 3.3 | 4 | Ekonomi Manajerial | 3 | A- | 3.7 | | Jumlah | 21 | | 72.9 | | IPS | | 3.47 |

Biaya : Tetap | : | 1.600.000 | Variabel 21 x 170000 | : | 3.570.000 | Kesehatan | : | 150.000 | Terintegrasi | : | 150.000 | Persiapan Kealumnian | : | 25.000 | Kegiatan Kemahasiswaan | : | 275.000 | Buku | : | 200.000 | | | | Total Yang Harus Dibayar | : | 5.970.000 |

Semester 4

No | Mata…...

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...College Costs and Potential Solutions for Students College cost becomes a main factor for an individual who is deciding whether or not higher education is the most reasonable decision. Based on statistics alone, the majority of students planning to further their education will most likely take on debt in the process. As a result, students may find it necessary to seek alternative resources in order to receive their education. This issue of tuition costs, specifically, have also been addressed several times by President Barack Obama, who has devised plans to eventually lower the costs. In addition to tuition costs, students must also spend a significant amount of money on books. Unless alternative approaches are taken, the costs of higher education will continue to increase, which may deter students from attending college immediately after high school. In today’s society, a college degree has become a necessity for anyone planning to establish a career. Because the concept of college is so valued, ambitious students want to make the best of their education. However, as the demand for a degree increases, the cost of college also progressively increases. This allows for colleges to manipulate the cost of tuition for their own benefit, as they are aware that some students would be willing to pay the full cost. The students, who are unwilling or unable to pay these high tuitions, might ultimately have to seek other options even if they are good students. However, even if......

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...Many students enter college expecting good times, knowledge, friendships, and a new sense of direction. They soon find out that college comes with challenges and struggles because of the great demands and expectations that are put on the importance of education. College students experience a great deal of stress, especially when they are trying to balance a full time job, raise children, and have a social life. The demands of doing many different things with very little time can become overwhelming. The daily tasks of working and meeting the demands of job obligation can leave a college student exhausted. There are a limited number of students who work full time jobs and attend college full time. Others, still work late and get up in the wee hours of the morning trying to fit all of the required tasks of school and work into one day. Students often find themselves more exhausted when they are trying to schedule tasks, because there just does not seem to be enough time in one day. Putting in long hours and worrying about class schedules adds stress to a student life. The college student who has children is faced with guilt about not being able to spend time with the children. The children has great demands on time. They need help with their homework, or need dinner and to be tucked in bed at a certain time. The thought of not being able to keep up with the demands of the children is very stressful and can be depressing to both the child and parent. In other words everyone......

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...performing certain rituals by spiritual means. This belief varies from one to another person, as some says that luck is a belief of fortunate and unfortunate events in an organization or a meaningful coincidence as per Carl Jung philosophy (The Luck Factor by Richard Wiseman). Success or failure in business or in any other field is the result of a person’s own deeds as practically it can be accepted that one of the essential thing to be successful– being fearless! Here it is noticeable that fearless person feels confidence and able to take best decisions in any circumstance. The role of luck in success can be viewed as 30-50% successful inventions are the result of some degree accidental mistakes while setting up the experiment, sometimes when experiments fail or don’t work and a person who could have been famous unluckily gives up too soon, whereas because of some awful breaks, a great scientist becomes a sales man (The Book of Luck by Summers & Watson). This proves that success and failure are just a throw of the dice, luck favors the prepared mind,and this means that people can generate their own luck through some basic principles as by noticing opportunities, by their creative skills, through positive expectations towards their work and people they connected, hard work and resilient attitude transforms bad luck into good.It is a natural thing that good luck and positive mood often take placetogetherand that lucky people are happy and optimistic, but unlucky people......

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...ACT and SAT scores are in and life as high school teens are wrapping up. It’s time to prepare for the next big step in life. College the first time to get a true taste of want the world has to offer. The big thing that most young minds don’t see in there picture perfect world is that thin underlining. That underlining is the cost of college and how it waits until you finish to hit you where it hurts. I’m talking about your wallet and even your college savings. This leads me to the question of why is college tuition so high. Is attending college worth the price tag of tuition? If you didn’t already know then I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but spoiler alert you have to pay for college a year after you finish college. The price of college has gone from affordable to sky-high in the last decade and even more so this year. (“If you want to get an earful about paying for college, listen to parents from states where tuition and fees have skyrocketed in the last five years. In Arizona, for example, parents have seen a 77 percent increase in costs. In Georgia, its 75 percent, and in Washington state, 70 percent. Even in Oklahoma, where tuition increases have been among the lowest in the nation, parents are dismayed. In Stillwater, Okla., Jeffery Corbett's daughter is attending community college. Corbett, a fundraiser for a nonprofit, says a high school diploma just won't get you very far. And he knows; he doesn't have a college degree. "I think about it all the time,......

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...wonderful thing called college. They told you that you have to go there to get an education before you can get a good job. Many kids have dreamed of going to college, and being able to get the job of their dreams. By putting in hard work and dedication to good grades in high school, you had high hopes that you would be able to get into an Ivy League school. The American dream of being able to go to college to get a degree is sliding away from many people due to rising costs. With increasing tuition prices and job loss, the college dream is slowly and surely slipping away from many students and their families. The first step in the college process is to be able to afford the tuition and other expenses. Many families are unable to do so by themselves and depend on the help of financial aid and loans. Financial aid has recently been harder and harder to come by and loans are now harder to get. In 2000, the average gap between a financial aid offer and a family?s ability to pay for college tuition was $3,000.00. Since then, tuition has risen twenty one percent and shows every sign of continuing to rise with inflation (U.S. News and World Report, 53). If federal aid and federal loans are not easily accessible to families, how are they supposed to send their children to college? The financial aid system is meant to help needy students and their families, but the system is cracking under the strains of our economy and the expensive tuition costs of many colleges (U.S. news and......

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...As colleges weigh this year’s round of applications, high school seniors are not the only anxious ones. Just as nervously, colleges — facing a financial landscape they have never seen before — are trying to figure out how many students to accept, and how many students will accept them. Typically, they rely on statistical models to predict which students will take them up on their offers to attend. But this year, with the economy turning parents and students into bargain hunters, demographics changing and unexpected jolts in the price of gas and the number of applications, they have little faith on those models. “Trying to hit those numbers is like trying to hit a hot tub when you’re skydiving from 30,000 feet,” said Jennifer Delahunty, dean of admissions and financial aid at Kenyon College in Ohio. “I’m going to go to church every day in April.” In response, colleges are trying new methods to gauge which applicants are serious about attending: Wake Forest, in North Carolina, is using Webcam interviews, while other colleges say they are scrutinizing essays more closely. And they are making more vigorous appeals to try to convince parents and students who will be offered admission in April that theirs is the campus to choose. But mostly, they are guessing: Will pinched finances keep students closer to home? Will those who applied in December be feeling too poor to accept in May — or show up in August? Colleges have been in the catbird seat for the past decade or...

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