Life's Work Out

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Life’s Work Out
Through the concept of vanity Mark Doty uses metaphors such as: salt- stain spot (1), weights lifted (9), the bench (4) and hoist nothing that need be lifted (5-6) to help convey the message of what kind of life do you live and what kind of impact you will leave behind. Why do you strive to become an object of desire? Why do you torment yourself for your own vanity? Why do you burden yourself with unnecessary tasks? Mark Doty uses something so ordinary, the gym, to capture the enigma of trying to live a unique life and leave behind a legacy while simultaneously wanting to be accepted or become part of a group.
This salt-stain spot marks the place where men lay down their heads (1-3). Mentioned by Mark Doty is this salt-stain spot (1) which can be viewed negatively or positively. To begin with, this salt-stain is written in negative connotation with its intent being that we as human beings have been leaving behind a disarray for society, and generations to come, to clean up. Also, human beings have not been responsible with their lives and cause more harm than good. Another way to look at this stain is in way almost positive, for you can see the “salt-stain spot” (1) from the hard work and dedication from previous generations. The author might intend to portray it as desirable, for one to achieve. This stain seems elusive but desired by most; most want the stain but won’t work to achieve even a sweat. This stain is akin to the quote “When you want to succeed as bad as you want to breathe than you will be successful” (Eric Thomas). How are you going to be successful and leave behind this great legacy if you’re unwilling to do the hard work to get there? Mark Doty’s salt-stain spot gives might intend to give reference to what others have accomplished and left behind; their legacy. These people pushed…...

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