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Business Summary
LineaGen, Inc. is a privately-held, venture-backed medical device and equipment company that specializes in medical diagnostic products. Founded in 2002 by Alex S. Lindell and Andy Peiffer, LineaGen, Inc. is headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Overview & Corporate Organization
Basic Information
Company Type: Private
Company Tags: VC Backed
Year Founded: 2002
City: Salt Lake City
State/Province: Utah

Postal Code: 84108
Country: United States


Industry Information
Industry Codes
PICS™: 700505™

PrivCo Industries (Sector > Industry > Sub-Industry)
Healthcare > Medical Devices & Equipment > Medical Diagnostic Equipment

The PrivCo Industry Classification System™ (PICS) is our proprietary, modernized industry classification system, geared especially toward privately-held companies and including newer emerging sub-industries that are not reflected in other outdated industry classification systems, such as SIC and NAICS.

PrivCo's Ownership table displays who owns LineaGen, Inc., including owner name, each type of owner (whether family, individual, private equity firm, etc.)
Owner Name Type of Owner % Ownership Stake
Mesa Verde Venture Partners, L.P.
Venture Capital
PrairieGold Venture Partners
Venture Capital
Sanderling Ventures
Venture Capital vSpring Capital, LLC.
Venture Capital
VC/Funding Activity
PrivCo's VC/Funding Activity table for LineaGen, Inc. displays the venture capital rounds, angel investments, debt or other funding raised by LineaGen, Inc.. Date Investor Round Investor Type 06/2010 Mesa Verde Venture Partners, L.P.
C Venture Capital

06/2010 PrairieGold Venture Partners
C Venture Capital

06/2010 Sanderling Ventures
C Venture Capital

06/2010 vSpring Capital, LLC.
C Venture Capital

Details Total Round C $5,012,000 Total of…...

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