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Three Losers A loser is a person who fails frequently or is generally unsuccessful in life. In Edwin Arlington Robinson’s poems, three men are classified as losers in three different situations. The three protagonists of the poems are Miniver Cheevy, Richard Cory, and Mr. Flood. These three men, unable to cope with their problems or improve their situations, drown in a life of misery, sadness, and loneliness. They live an unhappy life but do nothing to make it or themselves better. In Robinson’s poem, Miniver Cheevy, a man is unhappy with the era he is living in. He wishes he lived in the time of warriors, swords, and medieval iron clothing. He thought he was born in the wrong time and called it fate. He describes his times as boring, where nothing adventurous happens, like in the old times. Unfortunately, Miniver Cheevy did nothing to improve his life and only kept dreaming of a fantasy life. He becomes a loser that only keeps dreaming, drinking, thinking and thinking but cared less about making his life worth living. He got drunk everyday only to keep imagining a fantasy life that would never become reality and weeping that he was ever born. But not everybody copes with the problems the same way. On another one of Edwin Arlington Robinson’s poems, a story of a wealthy, envied man is described. Richard Cory is the main character of the poem. He is extremely rich, educated, and gracious. His life seems perfect. Men envy him and women want to be with him. A greeting from him was taken as a greeting from a celebrity. He was a very liked men because even though he was wealthy, he was friendly and social with the common people. But as perfect as his life seems and as much as people liked him, something was missing in his perfect life. Apparently, behind the curtains, his life was so unstable that unable to solve his problems he made the decision of a loser. He…...

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