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Cultural Diversity is more than a matter of representation of cultural differences. It also respect and value differences, whether of gender, race or ethnic origin, differences based on lifestyle, appearance of language proficiency, communication and decision making. Diversity is causing concern for organizations, although initially was seen as irrelevant to the effectiveness of the organization. The truth is that the most important developments of an organization derived from human diversity (Palmer, 2003).
The management of diversity begins primarily as a voluntary initiative by organizations in recruiting workers belonging to different groups of social identity. Managing diversity brings with it the legacy management: the classic traditional notions of control, leadership, organization and power. Hays-Thomas (2004) propose a more meaningful understanding of cultural diversity, which focuses on groups that systematically have faced discrimination and oppression at work. These historically disadvantaged groups generally include women, people of religious and ethnic minorities with or without disabilities, older workers, and homosexual.
Nowadays, organizations that invest on human diversity are developing a source of competitiveness at national and international level. These organizations are also more capable in the global economy, as have cultural components such as language skills and cultural experience.
It is important to note that most research and discussion has focused initially on If characteristics such as gender and race although more recent developments (Konrad, Prasad & Pringle, 2006) endeavour to address the research field of "invisible diversity."



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