Logical Fallacies

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Logical Fallacies Defined
Jamie Osborne
American InterContinental University

Fallacies can be viewed as a mistake or error. There are many different fallacies with different meanings for each. The following paper will discuss 9 logical fallacies. The paper will also include definitions for each of the 9 fallacies as well as examples of being applied to real life scenarios.

Logical Fallacies defined Everyone has gotten into an argument with someone once or twice in their lifetime. Some people have mastered their skills in being argumentative while others are lacking in that department. The following will be a list of 9 different types of argument styles that could take place in one’s argument scenario. We have all been in an argument and more than likely used one or more of these in arguments that we have had in the past. The first logical fallacy to discuss will be Mere Assertion. By definition mere assertion means while arguing one’s point no matter what the opposing party may have to say their argument is right because that person believes it to be the truth. To further explain will an example P1- Mermaids are real and have inhabited the sea since the beginning of time. P2- Mermaids are in fact real and inhabit the sea because I believe they do. C- Mermaids are real and have inhabited the sea since the beginning of time because I believe they do. Therefore due to the fact that I believe that mermaids are real and that they inhabit the sea because I believe this to be true this must be in fact the truth nobody can tell me otherwise. The second logical fallacy to discuss is Circular Reasoning. This occurs when the person arguing their point has matching premise and the conclusions are identical. To give a real life example of this P1- A person with the desire to quit smoking cigarettes has a long road ahead of them. P2- This person…...

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...we identify Logical Fallacies? By: Tabitha Harris American InterContinental Online University July 16, 2013 Abstract This purpose of this paper is to identify and explain what literature experts call Logical Fallacies. This document will include reasonable vocabulary, logical definitions, and sound examples of how to and how not to include these fallacies into your writings. There will be some suggestions made to assist with recognizing and examining some of the logical fallacies located within the writings of others, as well as in your own. By the end of this paper, your thoughts will be enlightened, and your knowledge of logical fallacies stronger, whether you’re a reader, writer, or just someone looking to learn. How do we identify Logical Fallacies? Logical Fallacies are arguments or false statements that appear to be true, when in fact, they’re not. Logical fallacies can also be accurate and are used to pursue someone to accept a single thought or feeling. People use logical fallacies to prove a point and to support reasoning behind a thought. There are different types of fallacies that I will go over in this paper. Fallacies often dilute arguments and by learning to recognize them in your own writing helps boost your ability to identify them in others’ writings, as well. This document will point out and explain key fallacies to look for in your writings and literature in general. (Career Education Corporation [CEC], 2010) LOGICAL FALLACIES: *......

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...Fallacy Summaries with Examples Name: Institution: Fallacy Summaries with Examples Appeal to Authority The fallacy of appeal to authority also referred to as the Fallacious Appeal to Authority, irrelevant Authority or Ad Vercundiam takes the following form, the first person is claimed to be an authority on subject S and hence makes a claim C about subject S hence making C true. The fallacy is mostly committed when the individual in question is not a lawful authority on the subject. This implies that if an individual A does not merit making reliable claims on a subject B, the argument becomes fallacious. The reasoning becomes fallacious when the individual under focus is not necessarily an expert hence the given cases makes the reasoning flawed since there is no justification for the claim since an unauthorized person made the claim. In the event that a person falls prey to the fallacy, then it implies that the individual is accepting a claim as being true in the absence of adequate evidence to do so. Additionally, the individual accepting the claim does so erroneously on belief that the individual making the claim is an expert which implies that the claim is reasonable to accept. Example 1 An argument about the morality of abortion Individual A: I strongly believe in abortion as being morally acceptable simply because a woman aught to have a right over her own body. Individual B: I strongly disagree. Findings from numerous medical researches say that abortion is......

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...What Are Logical Fallacies? Unknown AIU Online What Are Logical Fallacies? There are two different kinds of reasoning in philosophy. One uses the logical synthesis of two or more true statements, it is called deductive reasoning. The other generalizes by observing a number of specific examples, it is called inductive reasoning. (Carroll, 2000) Both deductive and inductive reasoning requires us to use sound logic to reach valid conclusions. Without the use of this logic errors can occur, which in philosophy are called logical fallacies. Mere Assertion The first logical fallacy I am going to define is mere assertion. This is an argument of opinion. There is no guarantee that what you say will be expected. But all opinions whether they are believed to be true or not must be supported by evidence. Here is an example of a mere assertion fallacy. My cats love me because they sleep on my bed. Also when I open their cat food they come running, so they must love me. Both of these statements are not supported by evidence. They are just statements of opinion that I believe to be truth. Circular Reasoning The second logical fallacy I am going to define is circular reasoning. This is an argument where your conclusion and premise are the same. It is an argument that asks you to simply accept the conclusion without real evidence. Also it can be an argument that simply ignores an important assumption. So to avoid this fallacy you......

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...the many types of Logical Fallacies .American Intercontinental University PHIL 201- 1401B-02 Week 3 Individual Assignment Introduction: Logical Fallacy: A logical fallacy is an error in reasoning. In other words, it is a factual error or a failure to logically support the conclusion in an argument. An argument is a group of statements about a specific topic where a stand is taken applying premises needed to support their conclusion. A fallacy is a type of argument where the person uses bad arguments to support their conclusion but in order to be a fallacy it must be believed some of the time (Eemeren & Grootendorst, 1995). The different types of fallacies are mere assertion, circular reasoning, Ad hominem, red herring, pseudo-questions, false cause, sweeping generalizations, slippery slope, and equivocation or changing meanings. Mere Assertion: Arguments by mere assertion simply mean a person uses a strong statement instead of any real fact to argue a point. Just because an argument is stated emphatically does not mean that statement is in fact true. In mere assertion even if there are facts to the contrary or that contradict the argument it will continue o be supported. Arguments by mere assertion are also considered rhetoric. Rhetoric is supporting the argument despite the fact there is no evidence the argument is true. It is a form of persuasion or blind faith in the mere assertion. Circular Reasoning: Circular reasoning is a type of fallacy where the......

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...1) Mable is not qualified to lead the school board because she used to drink liquor in her 20s.  ad hominem – the arguer is supporting her claim by pulling information from the subject’s personal life instead of using the knowledge they know about the subject being a leader. 2) A child can be either an athlete or a good student.  Either-or – the argument comes in two different parts. The first stating that a child could be an athlete, and the other stating that they could be a good student. The arguer also uses the term “either this or that” to support their claim. 3) Any change in health care will lead to socialism; we don’t want to live in a socialist country, so we can’t reform health care.  Begging the question – the statement is just being repeated. 4) All teenagers text while they drive; therefore, we should raise the driving age to 21.  Hasty Generalization – drawing conclusions from too little of evidence and often relying on stereotypes. Say all teenager text and drive, well some teenager don’t have a car and/or a cell phone. 5) If we don’t all drive hybrid cars, the world will end in the next decade because of environmental damage.  Slippery Slope (Bad Precedent) – assuming that a proposed step will set off an uncontrollable chain of undesirable events. Changing health will lead to socialism is an extreme statement. 6) Senator Range has been seen entering a strip club; therefore his economic reforms are not plausible.  Red Herring – though perhaps......

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...Biased Sample is a logical fallacy in which the author makes an assumption just from a single data and lacks equality in some way. Most of the time, the data is unfair and therefore doesn’t give a correct analysis. This kind of sample can result as a result of poor data collection in which the researcher doesn’t attempt to collect as much information as possible. Also this kind of sample might result from unawareness in collecting the information. A good example for Biased Sample is the widely recognized belief of people refusing to go to countries like Ethiopia and Sudan because every time these countries appear on the news, it always talks about poverty, war and all bad news. This is one of the most commonly heard explanations especially from westerners when asked why they don’t want to go to Africa. Especially people who only hear about Africa from the news and watch National Geography have this kind of understanding. This statement is biased because Africa is not the place where only the bad events like poverty, war and HIV/AIDS occur. The western media only concentrate on these characters and give their attention to the negative news only. Therefore by presenting only the worst side of Africa, people are mislead and forget all the good things that Africa has to provide for the rest of the world. But for those who got the chance to go to countries in Africa, they see the truth and experience the other side of Africa....

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