Low Frequency Amplifier

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The UTC TDA2030 is a monolithic audio power amplifier integrated circuit.


* Very low external component required. * High current output and high operating voltage. * Low harmonic and crossover distortion. * Built-in Over temperature protection. * Short circuit protection between all pins. * Safety Operating Area for output transistors.

*Pb-free plating product number: TDA2030L

Ordering Number Normal Lead Free Plating TDA2030-TA5-T TDA2030L-TA5-T TDA2030-TB5-T TDA2030L-TB5-T Package TO-220-5 TO-220B Packing Tube Tube

PIN NO. 1 2 3 4 5 PIN NAME Non inverting input Inverting input -VS Output +VS

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PARAMETER SYMBOL RATINGS UNIT 18 Supply Voltage Vs V Input Voltage VIN Vs V 15 Differential Input Voltage VI(DIFF) V Peak Output Current(internally limited) IOUT 3.5 A Total Power Dissipation at Tc=90°C PD 20 W Junction Temperature TJ -40~+150 °C Storage Temperature TSTG -40~+150 °C Note: Absolute maximum ratings are those values beyond which the device could be permanently damaged. Absolute maximum ratings are stress ratings only and functional device operation is not implied.

ELECTRICAL CHARACTERISTICS (Refer to the test circuit, Vs
PARAMETER Supply Voltage Quiescent Drain Current Input Bias Current Input Offset Voltage Input Offset Current Power Bandwidth SYMBOL TEST CONDITIONS Vs IQ II(BIAS) Vs 18v VI(OFF) II(OFF) BW POUT=12W, RL=4Ω, Gv=30dB d=0.5%, Gv=30dB RL=4Ω f=40Hz to 15KHz RL=8Ω POUT d=10%, Gv=30dB RL=4Ω f=1KHz RL=8Ω Gvo Gvc f=1kHz POUT=0.1 to 12W, RL=4Ω f=40Hz to 15KHz, Gv=30dB THD POUT=0.1 to 8W, RL=8Ω f=40Hz to 15KHz,…...

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...Operational amplifiers-OPAMP Ideal- characteristics Real- you buy LM741C Characteristics 1. AOL- Open loop gain – infinite (typical value 1000000 for LM741) 2. input resistance Rin=infinite(2Mohms) 3. input current = 0 4. Rout=0(small 75ohms) 5. AOLdoes not change with the frequency of the input signal- the voltage gain is constant VCVS-voltage controlled voltage source Negative feedback Lowers the voltage gain, and also makes it constant for a bigger range frequency INVERTING AMPLIFIER USING AN OP AMP Positive Vin negative Vout Negative Vinpositive Vout (1800 out of phase) Op amp with negative feedback will have ACL(closed-loop gain)—the new circuit (op amp +Rf+R)has a new gain which is called closed-loop gain Acl=-Rf/R Vout=-(Rf*Vin)/R; Rf>R The gain of the inverting depends on two resistors, Rf and R,Rf is connected between the output pin and inverting pin and Rf must be grater than the value of R. To have an amplifier, R is connected between the input signal and the inverting pin. The negative sign in the formula for the closed loop gain means that the input signal and the ouput signal are 180 out of phase, meaning that +inputs produce-output and vice versa. The output voltage cannot go above Vcc and Vee . The output wave is clip off wave’ The output wave will be a saw wave(triangular), if the gain is too much big. IR=IF+Iin (Iin=0) IR=IF Ir=Vin/R If=Vout/ Rf Vout/Vin=Rf/R To find the formula for ACL of inverting op amp amplifiers: ......

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