Low Testosterone in Male's

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Low Testosterone in Male's

Do you as a male feel more tired than usual? Do you have a lower libido than usual? Maybe, you just feel more depressed than in the past. These are only a few of the symptoms a male can experience if he has low testosterone. When most people talk about testosterone they mostly associate it with the male sex organ, but it is so much more than that. Testosterone is a hormone that is made by your body and is responsible for several different functions. This hormone regulates the development and distribution of male hair, changes in body mass and strength, fat distribution, sex drive and sexual function, mood and energy levels, and last bone strength. According to the Obesity, Fitness & Wellness Week journal (2012) “Low testosterone is the most common cause behind many age-related ailments faced by men of all ages.” (p. 900). Additionally, many chronic diseases, such as high blood pressure and high cholesterol, are linked to and associated with low testosterone levels in men. Men with low testosterone levels should seek medical treatment, because low testosterone impacts a man's entire body and can be destructive to his overall health. Testosterone is the male hormone that is responsible for the development and maintenance of the male sexual function. The physiological effect of testosterone impacts muscle mass and strength, bone density, metabolic function, mood and cognitive function (Tartavoulle & Porche, 2012). Low testosterone is caused by a decrease in testosterone production and is also referred to as testosterone deficiency, Hypogonadism, and commonly as “Low T”. According to Tartavoulle & Porche (2012), “A decrease in testosterone production is associated with Hypogonadism, a clinical syndrome resulting from failure of the testes to produce testosterone that results in decreased spermatozoa production and loss of…...

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...“Low visibility” is a short story written by Margaret Murphy. People have always felt the need to secede from society; this comes to expression in the text. However, the leaders of the society believe that it is their duty to take control, and create a place where everyone is welcome. What happens when people feel unwelcome? Chaos breaks out, the politicians blame one another, and most importantly people turn against the norms of society. Laura is our protagonist. Laura was a woman with a free and strong spirit, delightful humor and most prominent happiness; however, this all changed when she met her John. John is a demanding person with a lot of hatred dwelling inside of him. “What are they protesting about?” John demands. “Their own shitty lives?” John thought that by marrying Laura, his life would change that maybe one day he would change, but Laura was the one ending up being devoured by the lust and hatred of John. Laura and John are like the principle of Yin, and Yang, darkness and light, if there is no equilibrium, there will be no order, and one will consume the other. Leading to chaos, which is one of the many signs, the couple shows. You can compare the riots on the street with Laura and John’s relationship. Laura reminds us of the riots; she has been suppressed throughout their marriage, and in the end of the story Laura chooses to fight back. John is the oppressor; Laura gradually starts to rebel, even though she is not aware of this “Don’t.” the sound of......

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