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1) We don’t think Amanda should purchase the car, not without meeting with the seller and inspect the vehicle. There is no doubt that car auctions are great places for the purchase of affordable vehicles. At the same time, buyers should be cautious with the used cars. Especially for the buyers like Amanda who has a relatively low budget. The deal seemed very attractive and suspicious in the first place, because the sale price of the car was below the reasonable average value of the market in comparison with the same type of the cars under the similar condition. Amanda did the research and found the prices ranged between $20,000 and $24,000. Furthermore, the seller claimed how great his car was, “Nice silver exterior with a great shine, car is not wrecked, dented and scratched up, it’s very nice. Car runs and drives very nice, very tight, still like new.” We could deduce the age of the car was 2 years at that time from the emails, if the car is in such a great condition and only 2 years old why the deal could be closed at only $9,000 and having a free shipping and the three days of inspection? The excuse the seller gave was “I don’t have much use for it and I could use some quick cash right now, rather than waiting for a better offer.” “My buyer couldn’t pay the car after I have made the arrangement s to ship it.” In addition, the seller reached Amanda through personal email rather than the “My Messages” in her eBay account; it could be seen as an avoidance of the eBay’s purchase protection of $20,000 and information system’s internal controls. Lastly, the insistence of the wire transfer of the payment by the seller raised suspicion as well due to the fact that eBay dose not encourages wire transfer as mode of payment, and the fabricated email received from the seller stating it was from the Security & Resolution Center and the explanation of using their Arizona…...

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