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1) Both of their paintings were painted right around the same time. I believe that the reason they both stand to the left and slightly away from the group of people was because they both stand at an authoritative position. A priest stands in front of a church, a teacher stands in front of a classroom etc. all of these figures show authority just as seen in both paintings. Body language also plays a huge role in these paintings, in the painting “The prisoners from the front” regardless of the title you can tell just from the painting that this took place during the civil war era and that the men in the small group were prisoners or peasants they look helpless and hungry. The Union guard looks very stern and demanding just from the way his body is set. Also the other painting “ A visit from old mistress “ the slaves in the painting seems scared and looked down upon, old mistress face looks mean and demanding. In general both paintings suggest to me, that authority and a suggested demeaning vibe were present throughout both paintings. 2) To start off this “Luncheon of boating party “is so vivid and an extremely beautiful painting. From this painting it is apparent that the social class present is very wealthy. You can tell that wealth is present throughout this entire painting simply because of the attire and food eaten. Wealthy people would be out gossiping and socializing in the late 1800’s as seen in the painting. There is a variety of bottles of wine and fine china on the table this helps me prove my point that the social aspect of this painting is the wealthy I would say were probably talking about ways to become even wealthier. The dog in this painting doesn’t present loyalty at all, the dog is being treated like a toy or even looked upon as a cute little accessory. The dog’s breed also expands my point that this scene in this painting is the upper class.…...

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