M-Commerce: the Past, Present and Future

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YEAR 3 ENGLISH CONTRACT 2010 Months/ Date Theme/Topics Skills Specification Language Content Resources Weeks JAN 4-8 1) World of Self, 1.1.1 Listen to and repeat words. 1(1) Family & 1.1.2 Listen to and identify different types of letter sounds. Friends 1.3.1 Listen to and understand keywords in stories heard. 2) World of 1.3.3 Listen and match the meaning of words to pictures and the spoken word. Knowledge 1.6.1 Listen to and enjoy children’s songs and rhymes. TOPIC: 2.1.1 Pronounce words with the follow ing sounds: Home Sweet a) short and long vowels, b) diphthongs, c) initial blends, Home d) final blends, e) initial digraphs, f) final digraphs, g) silent letters 2.2.4, 2.6.6, 4.3.3 2.1.2 Pronounce 2-syllable words correctly.
2.1.3 Repeat exclamations with the correct intonation and stress.
2.2.2 Ask questions pertaining to numbers.
2.3.1 Responding to ‘Wh’ questions.
2.6.1 Give non-verbal response to the story heard or read.
2.7.1 Thank people.
2.7.3 Take leave.
2.7.4 Express good wishes
3.1.1 Look at letters and say aloud the following sounds: a) short and long vowels, b) diphthongs, c) initial blends, d) final blends, e) initial digraphs, f) final digraphs, g) silent letters
3.1.2 Read aloud words w ith the letters listed in 3.1.1 above.
3.2.1 Recognise and read out whole words.
3.2.2 Read and learn the meaning of key words for each topic taught.
3.3.1 Read and understand phrases.
3.3.2 Read and understand simple sentences.
3.3.3 Read and understand simple paragraphs.

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