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Define positive reinforcement, negative reinforcement, punishment, and extinction, and distinguish between continuous and intermittent schedules of reinforcement. Then give a practical example of one."

In Positive Reinforcement a particular behavior is strengthened by the consequence of experiencing a positive condition. For example: My dog will get a treat when he sits on my command.
Positive Reinforcement means that the subject is likely to repeat the behavior, or response, because stimulus (e.g. reward) is received directly after response.

Negative reinforcement encourages employees to perform better so they can have an unpleasant condition removed from their work environment. Example, Constantly being reminded to be more productive, often seen as nagging or badgering by employees, is a negative reinforcement technique. It may be used intentionally or unintentionally, but it creates a negative condition in which the employees are subjected to an unpleasant situation. When they reach the productivity level desired, the nagging stops, which reinforces the desired behavior. While this type of negative reinforcement may get your employees to improve, it does not encourage them to strive beyond the minimum levels required to make the negative situation stop.
A schedule of reinforcement is a rule that establishes the probability that a specific occurrence of a behavior will produce reinforcement. Two schedules of reinforcement—continuous reinforcement and extinction—provide the boundaries for all other possible schedules. With continuous reinforcement (CRF) an individual is reinforced every time a particular behavior occurs. For example, parents using a continuous schedule of reinforcement would praise their child each time he cleaned up his place correctly after eating a meal. Examples of behaviors that tend to produce continuous reinforcement include…...

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