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In this empirical report, we have analyze the characteristics of several important economics indicators and how they can be use by economist to look out for period of inflation, sharp changes in GDP growth due to GST and oil shock and how to make use of this indicators to do a projection on the economy performance.

We also come to understand how different types of economic indicators are used and how they correspond to the movement economy activities. Understanding the characteristic of these economic indicators, allows us to identify the cyclical nature of each individual indicator with economic growth and, thus, help us in choosing a set of economic indicators for forecasting the economic performance.

To conclude, we state that by doing an economic indicator analysis through leading, coincident and lagging indexes, we can understand how well the economy performance as a whole. It also tells us the relationship between economy performance and the policy-making of a country.


The measurement and analysis of business cycles has been one of the important research topics in economics and underlying theories of these economics arguments have changed as times goes by. In this empirical report, attention will be focus into the central questions on the causes of fluctuation in the economic activity by constructing a business cycle analysis and composite coincident index, a combination of several time series that one would expect to contain information about the current stats of the economy.

However, the emphasis in a number of recent theoretical and empirical studies of business cycles has been in terms of growth cycles only. In general, there we pay little attention to the turning points since we are only interested in the relative volatility and co-movement among variables as well as the standard deviation of these economics…...

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