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India Car Lease business to pick up Societe Generale's ALD Automotive
26 May, Mumbai According to ALD Automotive, the car lease business is expected to register huge growth in the upcoming years. Besides decreasing fixed costs, car leasing is also expected to particularly useful be for SMEs. Demand is expected to pick up in the pharmaceutical sector where increasingly companies are giving cars to their medical representatives to increase sale conversions and increase employee retention. Also agricultural companies are expected to increase lease cars usage as they can no longer rely on public buses.

India-EU FTA Agreement: Likely to cause more problems for the reeling sector
The India EU FTA Agreement has run into major hurdles as far as the automobiles are concerned. It is understood that the EU has been pushing the Indian side for import duty cuts. This has resulted in Indian Automakers being up in arms as they feel that cheap imports may further impact their already lackluster sales. Leading players like Maruti have been actively lobbying the government to keep this sector out of the purview of the agreement as it believes that it will result in flooding of the market by European cars. Industry Talk

Daimler to develop India ops as export hub
24 May, Chennai Daimler India Commercial Vehicles- will be exporting locally assembled trucks from the conglomerate's Mitsubishi Fuso range in 15 markets in Asia and Africa. The first export market will be Sri Lanka in June 2013. DICV also launched the local production of its new product range under the Fuso brand on Thursday at its Oragadam plant, near Chennai.

Automakers under tremendous pressure; Fall in inflation and monsoons expected to bring relief

May was the seventh consecutive month of declining sales in the Indian…...

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