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Mahindra Case
1. Mahindra is a multinational company that conducts business in many different industries, such as aerospace, automobiles, farm equipment, finance, hospitality and information technology. Under the “Mahindra Tractor” name they are a manufacturer and producer of tractors and other agricultural equipment.
The main dilemma facing Mahindra is in regards to their fulfillment to dealers. The supply chain is as follows: first the company manufactures the tractors, and then has them sent to their stockyards. At the stockyards they are available to the dealers, who in turn sell them to customers. Mahindra’s dilemma is that their stockyards frequently have an irregular and short supply available to dealers. Since the dealers have difficulty in receiving the proper tractors, they had an accuracy level of only 63% in fulfilling sales demands. Besides for Mahindra’s issues causing a decrease sales fulfillment, their sales information is also reported to the media and impacts the companies share price.

-Even with their issues, by analyzing yearly data it is clear that revenue has grown steadily. Sales revenue has grown yearly from 87,768,000 in 2004 to 228,305,000 in 2011. This can be linked to improvements in crop yield and irrigation causing an increase in demand. Mahindra likely would have grown even more if they were able to provide the proper tractors to dealers. In fact, by analyzing the data from months January 2004-Decemeber 2011 we see that the tractor industry as a whole experienced more growth compared to Mahindra. The slope of the industries trendline is 9.314 compared to 4.076 for Mahindra.

-Revenue tends to be consistent throughout the year. Even during the peak seasons of April through June and September through November, with a seasonal index of only 1.0758 during Quarter 2 we see only a slight increase in revenue during the second quarter of…...

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