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Personal Statement
My initial interest with accountancy started when I was helping my dad with some of the financial aspects of his business. This included sorting out receipts and uploading invoices. Due to this interest I chose to study business as an A Level. This has developed my interest in the role of finance in a business. Also, alongside my school study I have recently worked at an accountant for the duration of summer which allowed me to get a better insight into the accounting world. From these experiences, I am really interested in learning more about finance and accounting.
Currently, I am studying A Levels in Maths, Business, and IT. Each of these subjects has given me valuable knowledge and understanding which I can apply to many other areas. Studying Business has given me an insight into the financial aspects of a business and how a business can be affected by a large range of things, which range from laws to time of the year. Maths has provided me with the ability to improve my problem solving and working with numbers in a greater difficulty.
Outside of school, I enjoy sports, leisure activities, and problem solving. I exercise everyday as I find it is relaxing and beneficial to my health. Also it provides me with an opportunity to meet new people and to improve my skills such as working as part of a team. I am also a member of the Air Training Corps. Where I have been able to develop skills including; leadership, shooting, radio, field craft, flying, adventure training, and public duties such as bag packing and remembrance parades. This has allowed me to gain qualifications such as the Methods of Instruction, allowing me to teach other cadets and staff, and the Foundation Amateur Radio Licence. Within this organisation, I have represented mid and north wales in swimming, football, rugby, and shooting demonstrating my ability to work in a team…...

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