Major Forms of Therapy

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Major forms of Therapy
Charlotte Harrington
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Major Forms of Therapy We live in a world with many disorders which have been effectively treated by different forms of therapy. Four major forms of therapy include the psychodynamic, cognitive, behavioral, and humanistic therapy. The form of therapy used may depend upon the type of disorder a person may exhibit. Disorders are analyzed in order to determine which type of therapy is needed for treatment. Extensive research has gone into understanding the different types of therapy and how they are used to benefit society. Therapists have analyzed the human psyche to better understand the human personality and how best to help the individual. The past, present, and future are areas in which these diverse psychological therapies are used to treat individuals. Whether or not treatment is effective, may depend on the individual. The psychodynamic therapy brings unresolved conflicts and unacceptable impulses from the past to the present allowing the patient to deal with such problems more effectively. In addition, therapists are challenged in finding ways to help the patient understand the unconscious (Feldman, 2010, p. 430-431). According to (2010), the psychodynamic therapy focuses on a person’s personality while addressing issues of past and present relationships. According to research, this form of therapy focuses on parts of your personality and although it can treat many mental health conditions, it can be helpful for treating depression related to personality aspects or interpersonal relationships, both past and present (Overcome
Depression, 2010). How we think and feel has an impact on how we perceive the world around us. The cognitive therapy teaches us how to think in more positive ways. According to Feldman (2010, p. 437) the cognitive approach teaches people to think…...

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