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Prepare for meetings

Performance objective

Candidates are to demonstrate the skills and knowledge necessary to prepare a meeting in accordance with organisational requirements.

Assessment description

For this assessment candidates are required to prepare for a meeting to be conducted in their workplace. Candidates who are not currently employed are required to prepare for a meeting to be conducted in a simulated workplace. Page numbers in blue denote the appropriate section of the Student Workbook which you should refer to when necessary.

Note: The work for this Assessment Task provides the basis for Assessment Tasks 2 and 3. Ensure you keep a copy of this completed assessment for future use.

Assessment task

Identify a relevant meeting to conduct in the workplace in which you are currently employed (or a workplace in which you have previously been employed)


Create a simulated workplace and choose ONE of the following meetings to conduct within this simulated workplace: a) A meeting to agree on where to go on the company business retreat (Melbourne, Noosa or Fiji) b) A meeting to develop a fire evacuation plan and procedure for the simulated business c) A meeting to agree on a cleaning procedure for the simulated business.

Remember, you only need to choose ONE of the above options in order to complete the assessment tasks. If you choose to use a simulated workplace, you will need to create all necessary details yourself when completing the tasks.

Complete the workplace outline below.

Name of business | Freedom Fuels | Description of business | Petrol station and café and convenience store | Number of employees in your workplace (approximate) | 10 |

Meeting (page 5)

Meeting name | Staff Meeting | Meeting purpose | To discuss the run out of the new Chicken Salad Wrap to be made in the café and to…...

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