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The objective of this Management Aptitude Questionnaire was to identify your present level of management skills and to see what level of management would best suit your personality.
You will learn the difference in the three categories of management skills and to identify the position that potential managers would likely be fit for. There are three levels of managers which are Top Managers, Middle Managers, and First-Line managers. All managers must have three necessary skills in order to be effective and efficient in and organization which are Conceptual skills, Human skills, and Technical skills.
The top-level managers require more conceptual skills and less technical skills. The lower-level managers require more technical skills and less conceptual skills, and all managers require a high level of human skills in an organization because they all have to interact with people. “Many managers get promoted to their first management jobs by having excellent technical skills. However, technical skills become less important than human and conceptual skills as managers move up the hierarchy” (Daft, 2012, p.11).
Human skill should be the most important in an organization to avoid a high employee turnover due to poor communication, coordination and motivation techniques. Results

The results were:
Conceptual skills total score = 28 points
Human skills total score = 22 points
Technical skills total score = 15 points
The results showed a higher total for conceptual skills followed by Human skills then technical skills. My high score in conceptual skill show I have the ability to plan, organize, think long term and look at the big picture. These results show that I would serve well as a top manager to see the organization as a whole system and have the ability to think strategically in decision making. My human skill was high which means I have the ability to…...

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