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The management consulting is usually considered as a process of solving problems. However consulting is more than a technical solving problem as it involves human relationship. Valuables works take different stand on the issue and the interpretation of the role of a consultant in the investment decision-making process may diverse. Largely detailed by Balhadj and Jrhilifa (2009), the consulting literature distinguishes the functionalist view form the critical view. Werr and Linnarsson (2002) The current of though which supports the favourable belief considers that consulting provides added value, whereas the critical belief remain sceptical. Although the decision-making doesn’t make the difference between both thinking, the consultant’s responsibility in client decision-making will profoundly differs depending on the belief. Consequently it is necessary to understand how each approach interprets the relationship client-consultant in order to estimate the role of each part in the decisionmaking process. So what are the main difference between the functionalist perspective and the critical perspective and how does it impact the decision-making between client and consultant? Firstly, we will need to define the management consulting as a global solution; secondly we will interpret the role and the responsibility of a consultant during its mission. Then, after understanding why a company may need a consultant, we will try to demonstrate that the consultant’s responsibility in decision-making depend on both the degrees of implication and the reason that led the company to buy the service.


Definition 2.1 The management consulting as a solver process

According to the Association of Management Consulting Firms (AMCF), “Consulting to management is the rendering of advisory services and related assistance for a fee by independent and objective…...

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