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Having started as a Divinity school way back in 1930, St. Paul’s University has grown to become a continental institution of higher learning. With affiliate colleges in Sudan and South Africa among other countries of the continent, the university is rapidly growing and such growth must have a fair share of its challenges. The university has a strong Christian base with study of theology being the original course that this university provided. With the acquisition of the University Charter in September 2007, it crossed over from a Divinity school and became St. Paul’s University and thronged into provision of the business courses among other professional courses. It is also currently offering Post Graduate programmes and as well work study for needy students. The university is strategically placed in the city with ability to the access of the HELB loan facility and as well flexible learning programmes to accommodate the interested working class students.

Furthermore, it is still offering the retired people a special mature entry programme to an opportunity to study theology and leadership. With the qualified and experienced staff, St. Paul’s is without doubt the best college committed to provision of quality, relevant and affordable university education for the market place. It is with the understanding of how the university is growing and its commitment to quality that good public relations ventures are highly needed to enhance the existing image or craft and strive to maintain a new positive image. As Garry Melanson (2003) put it, the main goal of a PR department is to enhance company’s reputation. This will be obligation or responsibility to ensure that the university is advancing in line with its objective of positioning itself as a competitive educational institution of higher learning in the continent of Africa. The education paradigm,…...

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