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Management project on microsoft

Judith Breen
Submission date 4/12/2012
I declare that this work is my own and of the highest academic integrity. Where the work of others has been used, it is properly acknowledged and referenced.

Management project on microsoft

Judith Breen
Submission date 4/12/2012
I declare that this work is my own and of the highest academic integrity. Where the work of others has been used, it is properly acknowledged and referenced.

Andrew Kennedy
Student number:20057880

Andrew Kennedy
Student number:20057880

Table of Contents
Introduction 2
Executive summary 3
Organisation profile 4
Management profile 5
Macro analysis 6
Micro Analysis 7
Management theory 8
Conclusions 9
References 10

I am doing my project on Microsoft. I decided that I would go my project on them because I am a big fan of them and I have brought a lot of their products over the years. The research that I will be doing for this project will consist of secondary research. Secondary research is research through the internet and it can also consist of reading an academic article or reading a newspaper article the main aims for this project is the find out as much information on the company as possible.

Executive summary
This project I will go through the organisation profile of Microsoft and the 7 different areas that it is broken up into.
I will be also doing a management profile on Bill Gates founder and former CAO of Microsoft. I will talk about what he did a t Microsoft and what made him a great leader.
I will also do a micro and macro analysis of Microsoft.
Then I will talk about what management theory practices they use and how they implement them
The finally I will do my conclusion to this project and give the…...

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