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| MARKS | QUESTION | POS | ACT | 1 | 35 | | 2 | 20 | | 3 | 20 | | 4 | 15 | | 5 | 10 | | TOTAL | 100 | |

Question 1 /35 | Pre-Adjustment Trial Balance | Adjustments | Post Adjustment Trial Balance | | | | Dr | Cr | Dr | Cr | Dr | Cr | | | Accrued Rent Receivable (01/01/2010) | 1 700 | | 7 900 | 1 700 | 7 900 | | ½,½ | | Acc Depreciation: Office Equip | | 4 300 | | 550 | | 4 850 | ½ | | Administrative expenses | 31 000 | | | 5500+250 | 25 250 | | ½,½ | | Bank (favourable) | 5 800 | | | | 5 800 | | | | Capital (01/01/2010) | | 112 100 | | | | 112 100 | | | Cost of sales | 135 000 | | 600 | 600+600+100 | 134 300 | | 1,1,1,1 | | Depreciation expense | 3 800 | | 550 | | 4 350 | | ½,1 | 5500*.2*6/12 | Drawings | 18 000 | | 100 | | 18 100 | | ½,1 | 150*2/3 | Interest expense | 8 250 | | 1 500 | 3 750 | 6 000 | | ½,1,1 | 50000x.12 | Inventory (31/12/2010) | 38 800 | | | | 38 800 | | | | Land & buildings, at cost | 84 300 | | | | 84 300 | | | | 12% Loan from Loan Anonymous | | 50 000 | | | | 50 000 | | | Office equipment | 20 000 | | 5 500 | | 25 500 | | ½ | | Prepaid interest (01/01/2010) | 1 500 | | 3 750 | 1 500 | 3 750 | | ½,½ | | Rent revenue | | 15 400 | 1 700 | 7 900 | | 21600 | ½,1,1 | 900x12x2 | Salaries and wages expense | 23 950 | | 2016 | | 25 966 | | ½,1 | 201600*.01 | Sales | | 202 500 | 900 | | | 201 600 | ½ | | Trade Payables | | 40 400 | | | | 40 400 | | | Trade Receivables | 52 600 | | | 900+400 | 51 300 | | ½,½ | | | 424 700 | 424 700 | | | | | | | Donation Expense | | | 600 | |…...

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