Mandatory Drug Sentences Reasonable or Not

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This site Talks about how Most Americans are for Mandatory sentences
Got the introduction information from : Topic: Are the current mandatory sentences for possession of illegal substances reasonable?

Possession of illegal drugs is a crime with severe penalties in both the state and federal level. Possession of illegal substances garners harsher penalties than other heinous crimes like rape and murder. The typical felony drug possession sentence may be one-to-three years in prison. Simple possession of one specific illegal drug may mandate automatic incarceration, which is very unreasonable. While most Americans are for mandatory drug sentencing, the current sentence for the possessions of illegal substances are not reasonable compared to harsher crimes.
The severity of drug possession penalties depends on various factors including quantity, type of drug, intent, age of the offender, and location of the crime, among other factors. For example, simple possession of an ounce of marijuana discovered in your car is a misdemeanor and will not have as severe a penalty as felony possession of five pounds of cocaine with intent to distribute near a public school. Penalties are proportionate to the crime and related mitigating factors.
According to the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS), an estimated 14,000 people die every year due to illegal drugs and thousands more die due to criminal activities related to illegal drug possession. Therefore, federal and state laws have determined that holding, owning, carrying, or any form of illegal drug possession is a crime against society.
The typical felony drug possession sentence may be one-to-three years in prison, a multiple offender may receive a…...

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