Manual of Professional Practice for Electronics Engineers

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Honesty, justice and courtesy form a moral philosophy which, associated mutual interest among men, constitutes the foundation of ethics. The electronics engineer should recognize such standard, not in passive observance, but a set of dynamic principles guiding his conduct and way of life. It is his duty to practice his profession according to this Code of Ethics and Conduct.

The keystone of professional conduct is integrity. Hence, it behoves the electronics engineer to discharge his duties with fidelity to the public, his employer and his client and with fairness and impartially to all. It is my duty to interest himself in public welfare, and to be ready to apply his special knowledge for the benefit of mankind. He should uphold the honor and dignity of his profession and avoid association with enterprise of questionable character. In his dealings with fellow engineers, he should be fair and tolerant.

RELATIONS WITH THE STATE 1. Each and every engineer shall recognize and the supreme authority of the State as express through its laws and implemented by its agencies, whenever wherever such laws do not infringe upon the rights and privileges of citizens as guaranteed by the Constitution. 2. He shall recognize that the well-being of the public and the interest of the State are above the well-being and interest of any individual. 3. In the interest of justice, he shall aid the State, if and when the technology is needed for the prevention and/or prosecution of unjust, criminal or unlawful acts. 4. In the interest of good government, he shall in every way possible extend cooperation to the State in the accomplishment of its goal and objectives. 5. In the interest of social efficiency, he shall extend…...

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