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Marketing Notes
Organization’s mission statement
Strategic planning involves developing a strategy for long-run survival and growth. It consists of: * Defining companies mission: This starts with drafting a formal mission statement they should be meaningful, realistic, straight-forward (CLEAR), and consistent with the market environment. They should focus on creating value for the customer. * Setting objectives and goals: objectives for each level of management SMART * Designing a business portfolio: Fit to company’s strengths and weaknesses allocating investment to businesses strategies for growth and downsizing * Developing functional plans: the grid Market penetration, market development, product development, and diversification

* The annual and long-range plans deal with the company’s current business * The strategic plan involves taking advantage of opportunities in the constantly changing environment
Marketing plays a key role in the company’s strategic planning by: * Providing a guiding philosophy * Providing inputs to strategic planners; and * By designing strategies for reaching objectives
Mission Statement: A statement of the organisations purpose - what it wants to accomplish. It acts as an invisible hand that guides people. * What business are we in? * What customers should we serve? * How should we develop the company’s capabilities?
Example: Disney – Product, “we run theme parks”. Market, “we create fantasies”
Understanding external influences (e.g. consumerism, environmentalism) and Environmental Influences
SWOT: (Micro) Understanding the marketing environment - used to evaluate a companies (S) strengths, (W) weaknesses, (O) opportunities, and (T) threats.
PEST: (Macro) analysis of external environment that can affect the company – Political, Economic, Technological, Social * Political:…...

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Notes immediately id he/she fails to receive any reply from us for whatever reasons. Once confirmed, NO CANCELLATION request will be entertained. c) NO CANCELLATION &AMENDMENT allowed. d) Genting Rewards Card members are not entitled to earn rewards Point (RP) for Best Deal package. We wish to inform that the type of room assigned to you is automatically allocated by our system according to the room category you have booked. As such you may get an old or a newly renovated room. Should you have special requests or change of room types, a RM15 surcharge is applicable for each request. A surcharge of RM20 will be imposed for check-in at the front office counter for customers who are eligible for self check-in at the E-Kiosk. On another note, we would like to inform that effective 1st June 2015, a surcharge of RM20 per luggage will be charged for luggage delivery/collection services by the bell counter personnel. RM20 refundable deposit for each trolley is available for self luggage service. Transferability a) The room booking is non-transferable. b) Booking name must be the same person who will be check in. c) The person who made the credit card booking must be the same person who will be checking in. No payment can be made on behalf of another person. Check-in Standard of check-in time 3.00pm (All hotels) Standard or check-out time 12.00pm (All hotels except for First World Hotel) Standard of check-out time 11.00am (First World Hotel only) a) You need to......

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