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Italy sells more clothing than France but the French excel in high quality and luxury products. However much higher-end French ready-to-wear and knitwear is made in Italy and China as the manufacturing quality is better than in France. The retail market is dominated by specialist fashion chain stores, and the number of independent boutiques has declined by almost nineteen per cent in last twelve years. On the other hand, mail order and e-commerce represent growing sector at eight per cent of the apparel market. Italy has much stronger government –supported fashion infrastructures whereas top creative positions in fashion, advertising, photography, magazines are held by Italians all over the world. Italy was totally devastated by World War II and its after-effects, and the country itself took a relatively long time to recover even with the financial aid from the United States. However, it has since grown tremendously and now position as strongest in the fashion industry through excellent craftsmanship. Fashion is Italy’s second –largest industry after food products, and the country is the largest exporter of textiles and clothing in EU in the world. It dominates in the areas of Footwear, leather and knitwear, and is specially good at producing men’s ready-to-wear (moda pronta) suits. Although manufacturing is dispersed throughout Italy, Milan is its nerve centre. The Italian fabric industry is an exciting and innovative business to the demands of designers worldwide. The city Milan is also one of the nerve centres for fashion magazine publishing, and many modeling agencies have their headquarters there.
Italians are prepared to spend high proportion of their disposable income on clothing, and they expect quality. Italy has fewer mid –range clothing lines than most other…...

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