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Zanzibar is an archipelago with two major islands of Unguja and Pemba. Panga Chumvi Beach Resort is situated next to the village of Matemwe, on the north eastern coast of Zanzibar. ‘Chumvi’ means salt in Kiswahili, and ‘Panga’ is a shortening of ‘pahala’ the place. So the literal meaning of the resort Panga Chumvi is the place of salt. Over the last 20 years Panga Chumvi has developed organically, working closely with the village of Matemwe, and they have been involved in supporting a number of enterprises including a collective village taxi service, a fishing boat and a chicken farming project. They have now decided to share their beautiful beach-side spot with travellers from around the world looking for a place of peace and relaxation. (Panga Chumvi,2008).
The resort plot is right on the beautiful, the longest unbroken stretch of white sand beach in Zanzibar, opposite the pristine coral reef of Mnemba Island. The core product that Panga Chumvi business sells is holiday accommodation on Matemwe beautiful beach. It is a new venture, that started in August 2011 with only 4rooms on the market and developed to current twelve-rooms available in traditionally designed houses, constructed with coconut palm roof and hand-crafted coconut wood furniture throughout. Most of the rooms have sea views; the others have a view of the luxuriant tropical garden. In addition to the beach, the extensive garden has many shady or sunny lounging areas for relaxing or sunbathing. The sea is ever present, washing right up to the garden edge at high tide. (Maguire, 2013)
Panga Chumvi is a lovely eco-friendly beach hotel, perfect for exploring the beach and the village or simply just to relax. All these facts mentioned above, created Panga Chumvi business ideal for attracting especially three various target markets. First type of customers, who Panga Chumvi business is trying…...

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