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Marketing Information Systems
Marketing information systems have been defined as “people, procedures, and a software system used to collect, analyze, and assess market information so that decision makers can use it.”(Armstrong et al., 2009, p.184). Marketing information systems (MIS) are a set of unique marketing tools that assists corporations around the world to utilize information gained from marketing research to assess their products and formulate their plans for the future.
Models of consumer behaviour can influence the development of their products and services , as well as impacting decisions such as; the appropriate locations for their businesses, and development of their marketing strategies. Once companies collect the information regarding consumer behaviours and their purchasing habits, it is analyzed in order to draw conclusions and make informed business choices. The objective is to utilize this information in order to generate the largest possible revenues (Buyer to consumer). Information is gathered through interviews, customer comment forms , consumer inquires and spending patterns gathered through loyalty cards. The information is gathered and the analysis provides insight into products and services being purchased by different demographic groups (i.e., age, gender, ethnicity, etc.), and in different locations. After this is achieved, organizations can then target their marketing and advertising of the right product to the appropriate customer groups who will most likely be purchasing that product.
This essay will demonstrate how marketing information systems can provide a powerful information tool that will allow companies to make informed business decisions and mitigate investment risks associated with marketing their business products. This essay will also demonstrate the potential gains from the strategy of utilizing MIS…...

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