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HOW SWAT OFFICERS AND FILM CREWS HANDLE SURPRISES. 1) How individuals respond to unexpected events that allow work to continue.

2) How are problems solved by using available resources?

Outline the theoretical framework underpinning the study.
It is impossible to predict everything that can go wrong in our daily lives and there is no question that all organizations, not just business, need to adapt in order to survive (Herold David M, Fedor Donald B 2009). Fortunately, in the academy of management journal article of expecting unexpected new research organizational behavior in fast -paced work environments has revealed a set of strategies that can improve individual reactions and overall group performance. The two author(s)’ Bechky and Okhuysen, in their study published in 2011 used strategic interviews and direct observation to find similarities between the ways Police SWAT team and film production crews cope with surprises breaking into a location, the SWAT team found more suspects than expected. In response, the lead officers changed their primary role from trying to reach the further corner of the location to covering areas and suspects as they advance. During a scene in which an actor was "slaughtered" and fell into a hot tub on the top floor of a mansion, the crew forgot to account for displacement and the tub overflowed. All the scenes set to film that evening with the hot tub were rescheduled for the following day. The electricians shifted the power to the generators and they shot a different scene in the dry living room (Bechky, Okhuysen, 2011).
The SWAT team was about to use explosives to blow the door. The lead officer checked the door handle, found it open, and the team switched…...

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