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I am currently working as Brand Executive in FAST CORPORATION (Pvt.) LIMITED (FCPL), the sole distributor of FABER-CASTELL, the German Brand of World Class writing and Drawing instrument . The Moto of FCPL is “Quality Leads to Success”. FCPL has 115 people working in the field as sales officer and 20 women are working as brand promotion officer in different schools as well as in corporate sector throughout the country. Working in FCPL, I got a good chance to see how a Global Brand is marketed in the local market. There are currently around 15 companies in Bangladesh are in the market who are representing different stationary brands. All of there target is to capture the majority of the customers and becoming the market leader. And for that reason, they are constantly changing their marketing tactics to attract customers. But customers on the other hand, are becoming aware of the quality of these products. In most cases, quality products is viewed as a relationship builder between the present and future customers of the industry, so now a day customers prefer to buy those products whose quality is good and whom they can trust.


As in FCPL my major responsibilities are making marketing strategies, implementing those strategies effectively & efficiently and keeping the product flow smooth, for which I want to find out how a Global Product is marketed in the Local Market and its’ impact on the Consumers. The findings of my research will be very much important for the decision makers of FCPL, who plan to spend huge money for the marketing of FABER-CASTELL products. It will help them to spend their money on the most important factor and will be helpful for me to fulfill my thesis.

Significance of the Study:

There are intense competitions in the Stationary Market of Bangladesh. All of the company’s focus is same; to become the market…...

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